Nursing My Baby Fever

Oh baby fever..pleaseeee let me be. So I caught the baby fever very early on and have been battling with it ever since. I dislike waiting on anything but this is one thing we definitely have to wait for till the right time. Definitely don't want to jump into it unprepared, but at the same time, you can never be fully prepared for one of greatest gift. There are quite a few reasons for the wait such as I'm still young so what's the rush right? We like and enjoy being a family of two and all the luxuries that comes with it, so we have to be ready for the change before committing to it. We've been married less than a year; the plan was to give it around two years, but between you and I, I don't think we'll make it that far. Lol! Financially, yes financially, we want to be at a comfortable place. Last but not least, do I really want to show up at a new job with a belly less than 6 months in?

It doesn't help much that I watch a lot of TLC Baby shows and surf the web for baby related goodies. I can say for sure thinking about it makes both of us excited. We can't wait to have a little one to care for, shower with love and raise with good morals and the fear of God. I know there is never going to be a perfect time for a little one and we can't wait for that time when we finally become a family of 3 by God's grace.

Now to the reality of things, even though I'm having baby fever now, and I know we definitely want kids in the next year or couple of years, part of me is a little scared. Why you ask? Because that's means at some point in the next couples of years, I'll be a working mom, wife, and student (grad school), amongst all other things I still have to do. Each one of the roles comes with a great deal of responsibilities and I'm obviously not going to give up one for the other because these are all things I want in my life. I know a lot of women out there are doing this every day and they are making it through, including my sister. I like to think of them as Superwoman. The reality of it just scares and overwhelms me when I think about it. No matter how we time everything, they will all still coincide at some point. But in the end, the final result is worth it in all aspect.


  1. May the Lord grant you the desires of your heart according to His good will, purpose, timing and favor.

  2. Your feminine hormones are working overdrive, its time! May God's will be done in your life. Should i say congrats in advance, lol.

    1. Overdrive for real...LOL to "congrats in advance" but I'll take it o, so thanks:)


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