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Hi. So, I thought I’ll do a quick update on the perks of life in NC so far on this nice and rainy Saturday.

To start with, we both have shorter commute to work, more so for me than hubby. He's getting used to driving to work as opposed to been driven to work on the train. None the less, a shorter commute time still for him.

We definitely have more time to spend together as a family. I think less time spent commuting to and from work plays into that. Also, we don’t currently have a lot of involvement / commitments / activities right now, but I foresee that changing.

No crazy work hours, early mornings work schedule for me and late nights for hubby.

We definitely feel more relaxed for some reason. I think it is the southern effect and it is rubbing off on us. Everything is at a much slower pace than NJ.

Since moving to NC as a family, I have and I’m enjoying less responsibility on me when it comes to Eliana; again the time effect.  In NJ hubby is gone before me and Eliana even gets out of bed. But now we pretty much all wake up and start getting ready for the day at the same time. This means hubby has taken over essential morning duties, like shower and getting Eliana ready. He does 95% and I do the last 5% as we're heading out, meaning shoes and jacket. I’m loving it! 
  We have time to do things, random things throughout the week and not just on date nights. Like going to a basketball game on a week night or going to the circus show. 

I think the best part of all is having a baby sitter that makes all this possible. Since having Eliana, we haven’t really left her in care of anyone apart from daycare and with friends on two occasions back in NJ. I think now that she’s a bit older and more independent and can communicate what she wants or otherwise, I’m a bit more trusting in leaving her in a sitter’s care than when she was a baby.

I’m sure it helps matter that the said sitter is her teacher from daycare. So she is not a complete stranger and Eliana loves her. You know how you just have that motherly instinct about someone, that’s the case with her. Plus, I’ve seen her take care of Eliana and other kids in daycare. I explored options like and spent hours looking before finally approaching our sitter and I just couldn’t bring myself to finding someone on the internet to take care of my baby. Call me old fashion but I think, I prefer a person to person referral or better still someone I actually know in person in this case.
We found a church. After trying a couple and always coming back to the same one, I think we've settled on one for now.  We just need to get involved which I’m sure will happen with time.

On the other hand we miss our friends. Haven't really made any new friends yet, but I guess that's something that happens with time, not overnight.  Not rushing or losing hope either.  I know when we moved to NJ I thought I would never meet or have a close circle of friends like I did back in college but boy was I wrong. So I'm excited for the new people I get to calls friends and build relationships with in the nearest future.

And lastly, what I will be blogging about in the coming months, we bought a house.  Well a lot/land. We're building and I'll be sharing that whole process in the coming posts, along with all the ups and downs. So far a lot of ups but it is still early in the process. Keeping my fingers crossed it’s all ups till the end. 

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