Bow Details & Satin Top

Hi Loves! 
 I hope you are having a great week so far.

I started working out again some week backs. I think I went 4 weeks consistently and then I skipped a week. I thought it will be hard to go back after skipping but I am actually looking forward to it. If you know me well enough, then you know that's major coming from me because I hate working out. 

Life has definitely picked up pace again, so everything is in full swing. 
No more playing the newbie card at work, I am now fully immersed with my plate full. I always have my hands full at home, especially with my two babies and slowly resuming things on the business side with EliFab and new projects.  

On most weeks, weekends are long overdue by the time it arrives, which is why I am looking forward to this weekend and the 4 days work week to follow with the upcoming July 4th holiday! We currently have no plans so we'll see what we get into. 

Ps: I am selling some of my gently loved clothing (shoes eventually) and some never worn new items on Instagram (@Shop.ccb) Be sure to follow along as I am always adding new items in my attempt to purge my closet.

In other news, this outfit post is long overdue.

Top: Zara 
Skirt: Asos (similar here)
Bag: Target (old, try this here & here)
Shoes: Asos (try this here)

Stripes, Yellow & New Friendship

This pants has been with me through 2 babies! I was able to wear it both In and out of both pregnancy. I promise to take good care of it so It can last a long time. 
It has been worn more times than I can count and three of those were here on the blog. While pregnant with Eliana here,  right after having her here, and again here
Now you can see why I love it!
This time, I paired it with a stripe sheer top for a work style look. 
It has made the rotation once to my new Job and it definitely caught the eyes of many. Needless to say this pant will be around for a long time and will continue to be in rotation.
In other news, I have a new girlfriend! Guys, this is major.
If you've been following me for a while, you know I have moved quite a bit and one of my biggest challenges is making friends. This doesn't happen easily for me. While hubby is working and connecting with friend #10, I'm struggling to find my friend #1and here I am 2 months into this new place and I have someone I can call a friend.
Although, I am a blogger, I am an introvert which doesn't make this easier. I have a hard time connecting with other ladies, mostly because I'm very picky, but when I do, let's jut say I make post like this here and here
A friendship is special to me, it means a lot. It's means I am willing to do and be there. 
 It means, no matter how much time has pass, we can pick up right where we left off as if no time has pass.
And, just like my other friend will say, no confrontations, no clinginess, no grudges, no judgements, just true, open, honest friendship.
That's why I don't have a lot and I cherish the ones I still have.
And super excited to have found a new friendship in my new home. And, she's a mom like me, so we relate on so many levels and even beyond motherhood and babies. 
On the plus side, the kids can have play dates so they win too!

Like I always say, the best kind of friendships are ones that are not forced. It happens naturally. You just have to water it and let it bloom!
Cheers to new friendship!

Top: Asos (old, try this here & here)
Pants: Zara (old, try this here, here & floral here)
Shoes: Asos
Bag: Asos

Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Hi loves!
I am finally sharing this look from months ago. I was so excited when this jumpsuit arrived. I styled it right away and for some reason didn't share till now. It is easy to see why I love this jumpsuit so much. I only wish I got it in black as well because I believe it is one of those pieces you can own and wear for a long time and still has the wow factor every time you pull it out. 
The deep V neck line cut, the wide leg, the pockets! Although, I could do without the belt in the back, it works. The belt was front tied as modeled but I decided to tie mine at the back. 

Given I naturally tend to shy away from clothing that are too revealing, I am glad I saw the potential in this one and made the move. Granted I most likely will never wear it by itself, the possibilities are endless as far as layering. The deep V cut lends itself well to pairing it with different styles of blouse or shirt as seen here. And, maybe even layer on top of it.

While this particular jumpsuit is sold out, I have rounded up some good options for wide leg jumpsuits that works both on its own or layered up below.
Just a note, as you can see, I sometimes, make that most times fall behind on styling/ posting my new finds like this. That is why I created the "Shop My Closet" session on the blog (on the main page). I am pretty good at updating it with new additions to my closet. So, feel free to scroll through  and see my new additions before they get sold out. 
Also, there are some looks that I only post on my Instagram that do not make it to the blog. You can see those here with direct link to the exact or similar items. I especially love this page on my blog because it makes it easy to find all my looks in one spot.
PS: In other news, I feel like I have to state it on here for some level of accountability and not fall back. I am going natural! I never thought the day will come that I will be able to say this, but here we are. It has always been at the back of my mind but I finally took the plunge and made the decision to do it thanks to my new stylist here in Florida. And, the fact that my hair was badly damaged for a variety of reasons and a bad haircut.
No, there will not be a big chop, and yes, I will still wear my hair straight most of the time. at least till I outgrow and cut off all my relaxed hair slowly and see what my natural curls looks like. 
So, you might notice my hair getting shorter and shorter or it appears it is not growing, that is why.
I do the bare minimum with my hair, so we'll see how this goes.

  Jumpsuit: Asos (sold out, try similar here)
Shirt: Express (old, try this here & here)
Shoes: Asos (old, similar here, love this here, on sale)
Bag: Asos (old, try this here)