Mindful Feelings...

Because sometimes, you feel like you're not enough.

Because sometimes, you feel stuck.

Because sometimes, you doubt yourself.

Because sometimes, you have imposter syndrome.

Because sometimes, you feel you need to have it all figure out.

Because sometimes, you feel life is out to get you.

Because sometimes, you think you need to be perfect.

Because sometimes, you feel judged.

Because sometimes, you feel ashamed.

Because sometimes, you feel broken.

Because sometimes, you feel its a competition.

Because sometimes, you feel and believes lie about yourself.

 Notice, the YOU? You have to give yourself or someone else permission to make you feel that way. Instead reverse that and remind YOURSELF of these things instead. Change your mindset or remove yourself from the negative space or situation if possible. Strip away the power of negative thoughts and feeling by replacing with positive thoughts and feelings.

Positive affirmations and truths to remember....

You are Abiding, Authentic, Ambitious, Affectionate, Affluent

You are Brave, Beautiful, Bossy, Brilliant

You are Chosen, Capable, Courageous, Cherished 

 You are Driven, Delicate, Delightful

You are Enough, Emotional, Effective, Empathetic

You are Fabulous, Friendly, Faithful, Fair, Fruitful

You are Gracious, Good, Genuine

You are Helpful, Healing, Healthy, Hardworking

You are Influential, Intelligent, Inspiring, Intuitive, Independent

You are Justified, Joyous

You are Kind, Knowledgeable

You are Loved, Loving, Loyal

You are  Magical, Mindful

You are Nobel, Nurturing, Nice

You are Observant, Optimistic, Open, Outstanding

You are Powerful, Peaceful, Patient, Persistent, Pleasant

You are Queen, Quintessential

You are Resilient, Real,  Relatable

You are Smart, Strong, Sincere, Sensational

You are Thoughtful, Truthful, Talented, Tenacious, Thriving

You are  Unique, Unstoppable, Uplifting, Unconventional

You are Victorious, Vibrant, Valiant, Versatile, Vocal

You are Worthy, Wholesome, Wonderful

You are x-quisite

You are Youthful, Yummy

You are Zealous, Zestful


You are doing your best. You are protected by God. You can do great things. You are all these and more.

 Psalm 139:14 , Ephesians 2:10

Till next time