Fall Uniform

 Hello people! Happy Sunday! Hope you had a great weekend. My weekend was very relaxing and peaceful. This week I decided to dress down for church for a change. One of the things I love about Fall weather is the opportunity to wear layers; anything to avoid wearing jackets. Pairing a sweater with anything is such a delight and even better when paired with a button-up shirt. I love the simplicity and vibe of the look and you'll probably see me in more variation of this look in the future. Wishing you all a great week ahead and happy new month.

Shirt: F21, Sweater: F21, Jeans: F21, Shoes: VS, Necklace: Zara, Bag: LV

Oh, What A Weekend

Hello people! Ok, where do I even begin? I guess I can start by saying last weekend was a blissful, fun, happy, amazing, laughter filled weekend. Thanks to the family and friend. It was the kind of weekend that makes me wish weekends are just a tad bit longer. Ok, maybe a day longer. I think we made the best of it though. It's been almost a year since we were in Indianapolis, so you can imagine my excitement. It was a great time for everyone to gather together and catch up. 

Here are some of the highlights from my weekend:
  • Learning to take the train to the airport (will have to do that without hubby soon, without him, I'm lost)
  • Gathering at mom's house and spending time with her
  • Becoming an official active twitter user, thanks to my sisters
  • Party of 10 at a restaurant with 4 kids and the best waitress
  • Seeing my dearest Carole and blu (her dog that I will never allow to sniff me)
  •  Lots of laughter
  • My conversation with my nephew
    • nephew - aunty when are leaving?
    • me - tomorrow
    • nephew - when are you coming back?
    • me - maybe Christmas. Why do you ask?
    • nephew - because I'll miss you
    • me - Aaawwww, melts my heart
  • My little niece warming up to me 
  • Being loud and talking over each other
  • Late night movie
  • Late night traveling, even though it was tiring
Enjoy some pictures taken right after church, before we said goodbye to Indy.

Thought I was going to leave without seeing her
The tough and the pretty one

Skirt: Asos, Top: Zara, Shoes: VS

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I'm thankful for...

1. Travel time. I love traveling and anything about traveling. The idea of packing my bags and going somewhere, anywhere excites me. Even the airport excites me. I haven't been doing much traveling lately, but I'm glad I get to do it again. I've got a couples of trips planned between now and the end of the year and I'm super excited and looking forward to every single trip. On some I'll get to see and spend quality time with my siblings, mom, nieces and nephew, on some I'll finally have the opportunity to reconnect with some of my friends, physically, on some I'll be working and on the rest enjoying time with hubby. 

2.  Home cooked meals. While I enjoyed eating out some weeks ago, I'm glad to be eating homed cooked meals again. I can cook, eat and go for second round unlike the restaurants where I eat half the food and feel uncomfortably full. What do they put in their food? Apart from that, it's just not the same, didn't realize how much I'll miss home food until I went almost 2 weeks of eating none.

3.  For good health. I cannot over emphasize how thankful I am that I wake up every morning and everything is functioning properly. It's all by His grace.

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Fall TV

Something I'm definitely looking forward to starting next week is Fall TV. I believe the best shows are on during the Fall season which is perfect for me because I spend less time outside as oppose to summer. While I actually enjoy not been glued to my TV for several hours during the week or having to worry about missing any show, I'm really looking forward to seeing at least the season premiere of a number of shows. The only show I was watching was SYTYCD, which left Mr. D. with a lot of time to watch CNBC and alike. But once all my shows kicks in, we'll need to work something out. :)

Here are the shows on my watch list this fall in no particular order:

1. Grey's Anatomy
I've been a dedicated fan of the show since the very beginning and I'll be till the end. I know they had a couple of rocky seasons and the show is probably not as good as it was in the beginning but that's not enough to pry me away from the show. This season I'm looking forward to see how the doctors at Seattle Grace will react to the news of the crash and the death of Lexie, whether all doctors who said they were leaving will still leave the hospital as planned before the crash or if they'll stay and how Derek will take his hand injury been that he probably can't operate for a while and he just received a new position at another hospital. Can't wait!

2. Private Practice
It should be no surprise that this is also on my list. As a spinoff off Grey's I like the show just as much. Again, not as good as it was at the beginning, but I have to see it till the end since I've come this far.  Can't wait to find who Addison will choose, Sam or Jake. The logical pick is probably Jake, but knowing how crazy and irrational Addison is, she'll probably pick Sam. Also, how Amelia will deal with the loss of her "unicorn baby" and if she will finally get together with Sheldon or if Sheldon is already seeing someone else. Oh, and see who Violet will move on to next considering Pete (Tim Daly) is leaving the show. Too much drama!

3. Scandal
This is surely creeping its way up to my favorite. It's actually one of the very few shows that Mr. D. and I enjoy watching together. First season was great, hope the second season can be just as good. But, like every other Shonda Rhimes show, I'm hoping it doesn't start to get sour and hope it delivers something unique because the potential is there. In the last season, the big question was who is Quinn Perkins? I'm eager to find out the answer to that and the answer better be good if they made us wait that long and considering she was mostly a secondary or even tertiary character that I didn't pay much mind to and now has the biggest secret. Yeah, answer better be good! I'm hoping they end the cat and mouse games between Olivia and the president, I'm tired of that already.

4. Castle
I loveeee Castle. As much as I want to smack some sense into Beckett, I still love her. Maybe knock a little sense into Castle also, but I don't blame him, the poor man is completely smitten by crazy Beckett. After years and years of chasing, hinting, patiently waiting and fetching coffee, it finally looks like Castle and Beckett stand a chance, we just have to see how long it will last and see how they will deal with the bad guys still after Beckett's life.

5. Law and Order SVU
Another one of my all time favorite. I don't  think I can ever get tired of watching this show, especially the old re-runs. This is one show for me that seems like they can do no wrong. I can tell the new season is going to be a handful with a dead body found in bed with the Captain Cragen. That's going to be a hard one on the team. I'm still trying to figure out what's up with Amaro, I just don't get him/his character yet.

6. Revenge
This one I was a bit skeptical at first, I actually didn't start watching until season 2. After much persuasion from my friends I decided to give it a chance and I was not disappointed. Starting late meant I had a lot of  catching up to do once I got hooked. I think I watched all the previous episodes I missed in like a day or two, just couldn't unplug myself from it. Now, the last season finale was epic and I hope this season will live up to expectations. With Victoria "dead" in a plane crash, Charlotte possibly dead from drug overdoes, Amanda back with a baby, Jack no idea who the real Amanda is and finally Emily's mom is Alive! There is epic written all over this season.

7. Parenthood 
Just found out I'm already two episodes behind. Not much to say. I love the Braverman's with the exception of Crosby and Zeke, both just always find a way to annoy me in almost every episode. 

8. The Big Bang Theory
Geek or no geek, this show is great. It's one of those show I always stop to watch while flipping through the channels. With the wedding done and Howard off to space, I'm not really sure what to expect but I'm excited to watch because whatever it is, it will be good.

9. How I Met Your Mother
This is on my list, but we have an on/off relationship. I can't say I've watched every single episode or that I'll watch all episodes this season either, but I'll tune in from time to time just to catch up on where things are.

As you can imagine there are a lot of new shows starting this fall also, but only a few caught my attention and the new shows that I would like to give a chance are:

 1. The Mindy project

2. Last resort

As I was writing this I noticed most of these shows are on ABC network, some on CBS and NBC, but no Fox shows at all except the new one, The Mindy Project. I know they have some good shows too, I wonder if that says anything about me. Oh well.

Now I can't wait for fall TV to be over so I can stop watching so much TV/playing catch up online.

What shows do you watch and which ones are you looking forward to?

Spot The Dot

 Hello beautiful people! Hope your week is off to a great start. 
When it comes to work wear, I admit I sometimes get carried away because there really isn't a strict dress code at my job. As long as you're not wearing a tight or jeans, anything goes and I do take advantage of that. If I wear something and I have to think twice about whether it's work appropriate or not, it most likely isn't, so I let it go and find something else. It's no surprise by now that I love dottie dots, so when I decided to wear this skirt to work, I paired it with a nude top which in turn inspired the nude shoes and bag. I love how the nude tones contrast the black and white dots to make it more conservation and work appropriate. So, if your job is not strictly white, black and grey, take advantage of that by wearing one statement piece and balance it with some natural colors.

Top & Skirt: F21, Shoes: VS, Bag: Aldo

Marriage Success Series: Lesson 8

This post concludes the Marriage Success Series. Like I mentioned at the beginning, there are 8 lesson in total and we have come to the end of this wonderful series. The last lesson is a little different from the previous ones. It talks about a topic that is rarely talked about in the church and when it's been talked about it's usually in a negative way.  Note that this class was meant for everybody, from single, dating, engaged, married and everything in between. It was tailored to benefit everyone, so keep that in mind when reading this. For some of you it will be solely for FYI purposes only, for some it will serve as an avenue to learn something new and for the rest, it will be a fun read.

I hope you've enjoyed this series and picked up a thing or two along the way. I'm glad I've been able to share it with you all and thanks for receiving it with open heart.


TEXT: I COR. 7:3-5

Sex is hugely important in a Christian marriage especially when it's part of the deal that you're not allowed to go elsewhere to get it. Sex can keep your marriage strong and lack of sex can destroy your marriage. Two ways to-keep your sex life active is to make time for one another and to talk with each other. If one or both partners are .sexually frustrated, it's likely to wreak havoc on the relationship, often in ways that the couple doesn't even realize. They may be snapping at each other over other matters when the real conflict stems from problems in the sexual arena. The more discord in a relationship, the less likely it is that the couple is going to want to have sex. This in turn establishes a vicious cycle that causes not only the couple's sex life, but also the relationship to spiral downward. Also a good sex life is an important part of an individual's overall health. Research has also shown that couples who have a good sex life feel betterrnentully und
physically. Once again it is important to understand the key to enjoy a good sex life is sacrifice.

1 Cor. 7:3-5 - The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband. 4The wife's body does not belong to her alone but also to her husband. In the same way, the husband's body does not belong to him alone but also to his wife. 5 Do not deprive each other except by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer. Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.

1. Unrealistic Expectation: Hollywood teaches us a lot of junk about sexuality: the assumption is that sex will be easy, natural and ecstatic all the time. However like everything else sex has to be learned, you might know the basics, but it takes time and experimentation to find out what you will both like. Good love life is a journey not a destination.
2. Cultural Problem: Many cultures tend to teach women that sexual enjoyment is for men, leading to a subconscious
believe that sex is somehow dirty. Hence a lot of women do not actively participate enough during sex. The bible makes it clear that God designed both men and women to enjoy sex and that liking sex is normal and healthy.
3. Medical/Physical Barrier: Sometimes there are medical and physical dysfunctions which if left untreated can destroy a marriage. This is a situation where communication between spouses is critical. Some of the medical barriers may include:
  •  Lack of interest in sex, low libido (hypoactive sexual desire disorder - HSDD) 
  • Sexual intercourse is painful (dyspareunia) 
  • Inability to reach orgasm (anorgasmia)
  •  Difficulty in becoming aroused or erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation etc
4. Baggage from Past Sexual encounters: In some people this can cause guilt, frigidity, mental comparison etc which hurt intimacy. I Corinthians 6:16-20. However, God's is available to address these issues through repentance.
5. Sexual Desire Gap: One spouse is desperately unhappy because not having sex nearly as often as he or she would like, and the other is saying, "What's the big deal? It's just sex." Whereas for the spouse wanting more, it is a big deal. Sex isn't just a physical release, it's about feeling wanted, connected and loved.
6. The Daily Routines of Life: Careers, children, financial responsibilities etc keep couples from keeping alive that flame that initially brought them together. From a practical standpoint, there's less time for sex and intimacy as relationships develop and individual partners take on more responsibilities.
7. Ignorance: The purpose of sex is for both to enjoy. Ignorance about sex or about each other's sexual preferences will limit your ability to fulfill each other's sexual need and hurt your sexual intimacy.

Men and women are significantly different in their sexual interests and drives. Men usually have a desire for more frequent sex and greater variety in forms of sexual play. Women usually want more emotional connectedness through tender touch and conversation and prefer more consistent love-making technique. These differences often lead to tension over positions for intercourse, frequency of sex, and the degree of experimentation. In a healthy relationship this should create an opportunity for a couple to develop mutual submissiveness in their relationship (1 Corinthians 7:3-5). Each individual will have ways to show respect and give a meaningful gift of love to his or her mate. Giving that respect to each other is a huge way to guide your choices of sexual play in the direction of genuinely mature love. Some key points to note are:
  • A woman's sexual drive tends to be related to her menstrual cycle, while a man's drive is fairly constant. 
  • A woman is stimulated more by touch, romantic words and charm, while a man is mainly stimulated by sight. 
  • A man needs little or no preparations for sex, a woman often needs hours of emotional and mental preparation.Harsh or abusive treatment can easily remove her desire for sexual intimacy for days at a time. 
  • When a woman's emotions have been trampled by her husband, she is often repulsed by his advances. Some women claim they feel like prostitutes when they are forced to make love while feeling resentment toward their husbands. However the man has no idea what he is putting his wife through when he forces sex upon her.
No matter how much you know, it won't be perfect, but you most likely will remember it fondly. Sex is like anything else, it takes practice to get good at it, and lots of practice to get great at it. The more you do it, the better it will get for both of you, in many ways. Therefore don't put too much on the first time; just enjoy it for what it is, a beginning to a life of sexual pleasure. The man should understand that for women physical sexual pleasure is a learned response. She may enjoy the emotional closeness from the very first, depending on what she is expecting, but she will need time to develop the ability to fully enjoy sex physically. Because of mixed emotions or fear of pain, orgasm during intercourse will not happen the first time, in fact, for many women it can take several months. Unreasonable pressure will only make it worse.

Foreplay: Foreplay is a very important part of making love. It can encompass a wide range of activities; hugging, fondling, undressing, kissing, petting, cuddle, caressing, whispering etc. Men who know how to enjoy sensitive foreplay will often find that their partners will not only enjoy sexual intercourse more, but will also see them reach orgasm more easily. Most women need prolonged stimulation in order to reach a state of complete arousal, and foreplay will provide them with the required stimulation. It also helps men to last longer during sexual intercourse, allowing the woman to rich the climax first. The man needs a lot of patience in this area and it will pay good dividends. Foreplay is not something that needs to happen only right before making love; it can begin a12 hours early.

Intercourse: Don't expect intercourse to last very long the first time! First intercourse brings some degree of apprehension for most women and a man's first few times are inevitably very short. Most women experience short mild pain the first time (or first few times). It is important to make sure the woman is well lubricated before intercourse. Sometimes the woman's apprehension can cause her to not lubricate well; in that instance the use of an artificial lubricant is needed. The best position for first intercourse is probably the man on top, also called the missionary position. Some women may bleed for the first time this is because of the breaking of hymen; a thin membrane that surrounds the opening to the woman's vagina. Communication is also important during intercourse; let your partner know how you feel about what he/she is doing. Expressions like; I love that, keep doing that, that's great or simply an instruction to do something else will
enhance your sexual experience.

Orgasm: DiscoveryHealth.com defines orgasm as the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region that produce intensely pleasurable sensations followed by rapid relaxation. Orgasm is also in part a psychological experience of pleasure and abandon, when the mind is focused solely on the personal experience. It is sometimes called climaxing or coming. The man's orgasm often coincides with ejaculation. An ideal sexual intimacy is when both spouses to reach orgasm. Because it generally takes women longer time than men to reach the climax, this will require a lot of patience and sacrifice on the part of the man. THE MAN MUST PERFECT THE SKILLS TO LAST A LONG TIME IN BED FOR BOTH TO ENJOY THE ULTIMATE PLEASURE OF SEXUAL
INTIMACY. This is one area man must practice sacrificial love.

  • Go on regular dates with your spouse. It doesn't have to be expensive restaurant, could be parks coffee shop etc. 
  • Create an upbeat positive atmosphere with lots of fun, flirting, laughter, jokes, sexual banter etc. Remember, what you sow you reap. 
  • Talk regularly about your desire or sexual preference with your spouse in a positive not accusatory manner. 
  • Keep physically fit and attractive for your spouse. Also learn to compliment and appreciate each other. 
  • Resolve any underlying conflicts as they will spill-over to the bedroom. . 
  • Be adventurous and creative in and outside the bedroom. Have sex in other places (obviously not in public) otherthan your bedroom or other times other than at night. 
To view the complete series click on Marriage Success Series logo on the right side of the page. 

Thankful Thursday

Hi all! This Thankful Thursday post is really for last week. I didn't get a chance to post it amidst all that was going on. So, better late than never and that makes my thankful list longer this week.

This Thursday, I'm thankful for

1. Great family and friends. Like I've mentioned a couple of times now and you're probably tired of hearing/reading it, we clocked one year about two weeks ago and the feelings on that day was extraordinary from all the love and attention that we received from our dear families and friends. Thanks to everyone that reached out to us on the anniversary of our special day through your calls, texts, blog (here), Facebook, and voice messages. We truly appreciate your love and for remembering we say a  big thank you and may God remember you too.

2. For a 3day work week. Went from a 3day weekend (labor day) to a 3day work week (took Friday off) last week and that felt pretty good. Wish I could repeat that every week.

3. Miami get-away. Mr. D. and I haven't been on a trip together for a long time. So, we took a trip to Miami for some few days and it was so much fun. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, I had no care for anything but to enjoy the company of my husband and have a good time. Mission was accomplished.

4. Orange Juice. To say I have been craving orange juice will be an understatement. I've been drinking it like it's water and if you know me, I drink a lot of water. At some point I had to caution myself not to drink too much, but then again I'm thinking it's a craving, it will go away, so drink as much as you can!

5. Free lunch at work. This couldn't have come at a better time. I usually take my lunch to work, but since I haven't cooked in a while, my fridge is completely empty. This meant buying lunch at work, but before I can do that, I need money, cash specifically because they don't take credit cards and it just so happens that I rarely carry cash, which means I had none. So, here I am in the middle of a very busy work week, lunch time arrives, no food from home, no cash to buy food either. I was just going to go to the cafe in good faith that they'll allow me to pay later, only to get there and realize lunch is free for the day. It was the perfect ending.

6. For the gift of life. It feels like this year has gone by so fast, only three months left to go. Thankful I'm still here, some started the year with us but are no more today. Grateful for His grace!

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Vegetable Stew (Efo Riro) Update w/ recipe

Picture not from this recipe
As promised in the post  here, I'm finally posting the recipe for the vegetable stew. Enjoy!

2 red bell pepper, diced
1 med fresh tomatoes, diced
3 habanero pepper
1 large onion (divide into 4)
20oz spinach
knorr chicken bouillon seasoning (substitute knorr cubes)
2tsp Mrs. Dash
1tsp thyme
garlic cloves
1/3 cup palm oil or vegetable oil
2lb goat meat & 1lb chicken (substitute meat of choice)
2 tbsp locust beans (optional)
Handful dry fish (optional)
salt to taste


1. Rinse meat  (if using more than one meat, boil separately), transfer to a large pot and fill with water to almost cover the meat*. Add Mrs. dash, thyme, 2tsp knorr seasoning, 2 gloves of garlic, 1/4 onions (sliced) and salt to taste. Cover and boil on med-high heat till tender, 30-40 miutes. Save stock.
2 .In a blender combine diced red bell peppers, tomatoes, and 1/4 onion (diced). Add a small amount of water to aid the blending process. Blend into a puree and set aside.
3. Wash, drain and chop spinach; set aside
4. Rinse locust beans till almost all preservatives (whitish substance) is washed away; set aside
5. Soak dried fish for about half hour in water, then boil dried fish in a pot of water till tender, about 45mins
 6. Diced the last 1/4 onion and set aside

Cooking Process
1. In a medium sized dry pot on med heat, add 1/3 cup of palm oil. Let palm oil heat up until it's clear about 2-3 minutes. Add diced onions, fry till it starts to turn brown (happens in secs), add blender puree, cover and let cook for 10-15mins, stirring occasionally.
2. Add 1tsp knorr chicken bouillon powder, locust beans, dry fish and meat. Cover and let's simmer on low heat for about 8-10mins.
3. Add spinach and stir thoroughly to mix well. If you like a little juice, you can add about 1/4cup of saved meat stock. Salt to taste.**
4. Cover and simmer on low heat for additional 5mins. Serve and enjoy!

*If using beef, use less water to boil as beef contains lots of water and the water content will increase while cooking.
** I usually don't add salt at all because the meat and the meat stock is already seasoned and salted. If you have to add salt, do it last.

Marriage Success Series: Lesson 7

RCCG Agape House of Worship
Marriage Success Class

Lesson 07 - Love and Submission
Text: Ephesians 5:21-26, I Corinthians 13: 8

Ephesians 5: 2 I -26 can be called the constitution of marriage; it clearly summarizes the roles and responsibilities of  husband and wife in a godly marriage. Marriage is the first institution created by God. God makes husband and wife differently and gives them different roles in the institution of marriage. Husband and wife are unique in their make and function and the purpose is so they can be one. God works through authority hence leadership in the relationship is in the hand of the man. He therefore holds the man responsible for whatever happens in the marriage. The man must understand leadership as a matter of responsibility and use the authority to serve the woman. No authority can function without God; he must therefore submit himself to God so he can function properly. The woman is to submit to the husband therefore allowing the man to take responsibility for the marriage.

The Bible indicates that love is from God, In fact the Bible says "God is love." Love is one of the primary characteristics of God. Likewise God has endowed us with the capacity for love. This capacity for love is one of the ways in which we are created in the image of God.

Types of Love: Though mostly translated as love, there are three Greek words in the original bible manuscript that were generally translated to the English word "love" in the Bible. They are:
1. EROS: Generally translated as lust or fleshy desire; in the bible it is usually portrayed in a negative sense. 2. PHILEO: It means to have affection (sentiment, passion or feeling) for. A fondness based in the heart. What the Greeks meant by Phileo love is what we normally think of the words "brotherly love" today.
3. AGAPE: It means to choose to seek the best for others. This is a love based in the mind; we can chose to show agape love by actively thinking about and deciding how we act toward other people. Agape is the word used when the Bible talks about Christian love for one another. Agape love is talking about our behavior towards others not our feelings. It is the purest and highest form of love.

Loving Your Wife like Jesus Did: Husbands are commanded to love their wives as Christ loves the Church. The love of Christ can be described as:
  •  Sacrificial love - Christ loves the Church sacrificially, He gave himself for her, a husband must be willing to sacrifice himself (time, money, convenience, desires etc) for the wife. 
  • Selfless love - Selfless means not selfish, not looking for personal gain of benefit. A loving husband puts thewife's needs first; he does not base decision on personal gain. 
  • Steadfast love - The word steadfast means unchanging, steady or consistent. The husband must be consistent and unwavering in his love for the wife. He does not base his love for his wife on her behavior.
How to Demonstrate Love
1. Demonstrate before your wife stability and direction of spiritual leadership. I Timothy 3:1-4. 2.
2. Let your wife see that you cherish and delight her as a person. Col. 3:19, Eph. 5:25,29.
3. Women want to feel wanted, special, loved and appreciated, let her know that she is meeting some vital needs in your life that no other woman can provide. Proverbs 5:15-20.
4. Even though you are the head, make her have a sense of equality with you in your decisions.
5. She must be tendered; you must help out with household chores, taking care of kids, etc.
6. Your responsibility as a man is that of provision not of power. I Timothy 5:8.
7. Show understanding other person by protecting her in the area of her weaknesses.
8. Provide a loving direction by being firm and demonstrating a healthy confidence.
9. Commend her constantly and rebuke her gently when you have to.
10. Your wife should be the only one that knows your ins and outs.
11. Your first responsibility is to your home; hence put your wife and your family first in all you do.

Submission means to surrender your ways and let go of your will. It means acceptance of someone else's authority.

Submissive - to be submissive means to be gentle and willing to obey order.
Submit - to submit means to surrender or yield oneself to the will/authority of another and agreeing to obey.

1. Submission is not mindless obedience. It does not excuse participating in abusive or sinful behavior.
2. Submission is not manipulating: It does not mean pretending to be dumb to have your way.
3. Submission in Marriage means putting yourself under control. It should be willingly and voluntarily. The true test is how you react when your husband makes a decision you do not agree with.
4. When you submit you allow the man to be responsible to God for his leadership.

Genesis 3:16
1. It is obedience to God's commandment.
2. It is a relief to you as a woman. When you submit you give God the freedom to hold him accountable.
3 A man can only be successful with a submissive woman. Hence your submission determines his success.
4. Lack of submission can attract curses to your home. I I Samuel 6:20
5. Submission is the essence of power and of influence.
6. Submission is the pathway to freedom and fulfillment.
7. Without submission there is quarrel, problem and divorce, etc.

1. Respect him and demonstrate that you depend on him in all areas, spiritual, financial, etc.
2. Do not resist his physical affection, accommodate him even when you do not feel like
3. Acknowledge his God given responsibility; don't be authoritative on what you want him to do.
4. Refrain from seeking outside counsel without his knowledge.
5. Do not contradict, challenge or embarrass him in public. Even when you disagree with him apply wisdom.
6. Allow him be the spokesman for the family. If you have to because of his personality always refer to him.
7. Be responsive to your less than perfect man, resist every temptation to take advantage of his weakness, encourage him even when he fails. Congratulate and commend him at every opportunity.
8. Always acknowledge his hard work, show gratitude for every gesture he makes to you and support him with hard work, don't be the sole consumer.
9. Develop your inward and outward beauty. Let your mode of dressing and your home reflect his taste.
10. Respect and honor his friends, parents and family members; this applies to both sides (man and woman).
I 1. Let your husband be your best friend.

Yellow and Nude

Hello Beautiful People! Hope you had a great labor day weekend. Mine was great; it was filled with lots of love, lots of QT with hubby, lots of dates, with Mr. D. of course, lots of prayers and lots of well wishes. I am definitely counting my blessings.
My yellow skinny Jeans is making a second appearance in a different way (see first here). I wore this outfit to one of the many casual dates we went on over the weekend. One of the things I like about colored Jeans is that they are usually a statement piece. Whether you dress it up or down, you're bound to stand out. Still building my collection, I think a red one is next or burgundy which will be perfect for fall. Any colored Jeans lover out there?

Sweater & Jeans: H&M, Bag: BCBG, Shoes: Calvin Klein, Bracelet: Express, Earrings: Aldo, Sunglasses: Fossil

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