Ombre Stripes

Hi lovelies! 
Hope your week is off to a great start. I feel like I'm starting to lag behind on blogging. It keeps getting pushed to the end of my to-do list and the list only seems to be getting longer. Anyways, instead of pushing it off again, I have 30 minutes before heading to church so here I am squeezing it in. Lol. The last few weeks of work has been pretty grueling and so will the next couple of weeks, so that explains part of it. Although, I was fortunate enough to have Thursday and Friday of last week off to attend my church annual retreat, which was totally awesome and I'm so glad I was able to attend this year. I'm already planning on attending next year also by God's grace.

I believe I mentioned in a previous post how stripe obsessed I am right now. Do you believe me now? Lol. Finding pieces that work for my pregnant body now, but can also easily transition to fit afterwards has been easier than I thought. This ombre / dyed stripe number is just a perfect example. Dressing the bump is actually quite fun. I know it's not something permanent so I'm embracing the bump, experimenting and having fun coming up with outfits that works while not straining away from my personal style. Paired the dress with some light blue accessories and pink shoes for a perfect contrast.
Wish you all a great rest of the week. Talk to you soon.

 Dress: Asos, Shoes: VS, Clutch: Asos, Necklace: F21

Satin Floral Pants

Hi loves.
Thank God for rain! Last week was miserably hot over here so I'm thankful for the rain we're getting now and happy to see the temperature return to normal. I haven't been to the movies or seen any new movie for awhile. Not that there's a lot I want to see anyway. So, Mr. D. and I finally made it to the movies on Friday night. We saw The Heat. It was a pretty good comedic movie and we got some good laughs out of it. Just what you'd expect from Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

When I saw this satin floral pants, we instantly connected. Lol. Since I ventured into the world of patterns and prints, I have found a new appreciation for them.  To play off the color of the pants, I paired it with an orange top and my orange and pink color block heels. Finally to unify the who look, I added a black blazer as a finishing touch. Simple with details.
Hope you're having a great week so far.

Pants: Moon via Ideeli, Top: F21, Blazer: The Limited, Shoes: VS, Bag: Lulus

Currently Loving: Kitchen Crush

As long as I'm dreaming and wishing for now, I might as well dream big. The kitchen is probably my favorite room in a house. My style is a good balance between traditional and contemporary. There are some contemporary pieces that are too far right for me and some traditional ones too far left. So, a good mixture of both makes me happy.

Simple and Fun

I love simple dresses. It makes it easier to style various ways, whether dressed up, down or  in-between. With this dress, I styled it in-between, pairing it with one of my current favorite sandals. Love the chunky low heels on this sandals. It is the perfect compromise between wearing high heels and flats. The color match with the dress makes them the perfect pair. Added my turquoise necklace for a hint of freshness and tied it all together with a black purse. With that, I have myself a semi-casual outfit perfect for just about any outing.

In babybump news, they say second trimester is the best and I can testify that it truly is. The last few months have just been great and blissful. Sometimes, I even forget I'm pregnant for a little while. Everything just feels normal and I feel like my pre-pregnant self. That's until I look down to see the bump or some other occasional sign that my body is really changing. For now, I'm savoring all that this trimester has to offer and looking forward to the last and final trimester.

Wish you all a great week ahead.

Dress: Asos, Necklace: F21, Bag: F21, Sandals: Marshalls

Pregnant In Jumpsuit

Happy Monday people! The long weekend has come and gone. While I enjoyed every moment of it, I wish it could have lasted just a little longer or just have a 3-day weekend every week. Now, that's just wishful thinking. Anyways, I survived the Monday blues after been away from work for so long. I spent my long weekend at my church's picnic, hanging out with hubby and hanging out with some friends and my sister. It was a weekend well spent.

I don't think I've seen a lot of pregnant women in jumpsuits and it's probably for the most obvious reason, bathroom inconvenience. Now add the fact that being pregnant makes you practical best friends with the bathroom. Inconvenience or not, I bough this jumpsuit with the intention of wearing it during the bump and I'm glad it worked out. Would I wear it for a long period of time, probably not. But for short outings lasting a couple of hours it's definitely manageable.

Jumpsuit: F21, Jacket: Target, Shoes: Macys, Bag: Lulus