Simple and Fun

I love simple dresses. It makes it easier to style various ways, whether dressed up, down or  in-between. With this dress, I styled it in-between, pairing it with one of my current favorite sandals. Love the chunky low heels on this sandals. It is the perfect compromise between wearing high heels and flats. The color match with the dress makes them the perfect pair. Added my turquoise necklace for a hint of freshness and tied it all together with a black purse. With that, I have myself a semi-casual outfit perfect for just about any outing.

In babybump news, they say second trimester is the best and I can testify that it truly is. The last few months have just been great and blissful. Sometimes, I even forget I'm pregnant for a little while. Everything just feels normal and I feel like my pre-pregnant self. That's until I look down to see the bump or some other occasional sign that my body is really changing. For now, I'm savoring all that this trimester has to offer and looking forward to the last and final trimester.

Wish you all a great week ahead.

Dress: Asos, Necklace: F21, Bag: F21, Sandals: Marshalls


  1. Such a lovely glow u have on. And that dress is worth your while, i bet the comfort is amazing. Love the way you have combined the whole look. such a fresh and relaxed look in deed.

    1. Thanks girl! The dress is very comfortable, another great feature. Definitely putting it on rotation for those hot summer days


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