Tweed Element

 Hello everyone! Hope you guys in the U.S had a great Thanksgiving filled with Joy, Laughter, Friends, Family and of course delicious Food. Mr. D. and I spent ours with friends and we had a great time. I have to mention the long weekend. That felt great. Since I didn't do any major cooking, I had time to sleep, check a few things off my to-do list and did I mention sleep? Anyways, still felt like the break wasn't long enough by the time Monday rolled in.
One of the most memorable event apart from the Thanksgiving dinner gathering was hanging out with all my sisters on Google hang out.We hang out and Skype often but never all of us together at the same time. It was like old times, chatting, picking on each other and catching up. Can't wait to see everyone together for Christmas. I'm already counting down.
This is currently my favorite Jacket and I've worn it with just about everything. When I saw the matching skirt in store I just couldn't resist. Knowing I couldn't wear the skirt to work or church because of the length I bought it anyways in hopes that I'll wear it to a causal gathering and that was exactly what I did. On Thanksgiving day I finally pulled out the skirt for a complete ensemble.

Jacket: H&M, Skirt: H&M, Shirt: Limited, Boots: Target, Bag: Aldo

Broken Spells

Hi guys. Happy Monday! Hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was great. My weekend was filled with date nights, movies and birthday surprises. Hubby surprised me with a birthday dinner filled with friends and my sister. Yap, my sister came all the way from Indy. I gave hubby a hard time when he told me where we were going for dinner but little did I know. It was a great night and weekend.
 This blazer was given to me by my sister about let's see...5 years ago. Yap 5 years. I can shamefully say it has never been worn. I tried to wear it, really tired, but every time I put it on, I felt a little mismatch so, it comes right off. It has been sitting at the back of my closet for a long time until last week. Thursday to be exact. I was getting ready for work in a haste, I needed a blazer, pulled this out, tried it on and what do you know! No mismatch. I like to think it had something to do with that day being my birthday. I think the spell of mismatch is forever broken.

Pants: H&M, Shirt: H&M, Blazer: Gift from VS, Bag: Steve Madden, Shoes: VS

Thankful Thursday :: Birthday Thursday

This Thursday, I'm beyond thankful. I'm joyous and grateful for another year of life. 
As you might have guessed from the picture and the title, today is my Birthday. So I'm thankful for my life, for where I am, where I came from and where I'm going. Thankful because I'm not in the same place I was this time last year. 
Thankful that my life is a true living testimony. 
I'm thankful for God's countless blessings.
Thankful for my dear husband and the opportunity to sit right next to him minutes into my birthday and not on the phone or hundreds of miles away.
I'm just happy to be here, in good health and mind.

I'm thankful beyond words can express.

Pop of Color

 Hello lovelies! I'm starting to feel like I blog less and less these days. Should I even try to explain my long absence this time? Ok, maybe a little. In between the power going on/off which means no internet, I'm starting to feel like I'm back in Nigeria. Throw in a hectic work schedule and longer nights than days, making taking pictures almost impossible. Hubby takes most of my pictures after work, but that's impossible now because by the time we get home it's pitch black outside. We do some on weekends but the past few weekends we've been on completely different schedule. What these mostly means is that we are back to indoor/orange looking pictures. No worries, will sneak some outdoor ones in when time permits.
This Jacket is actually red, but it looks more orange than red in these pictures because of the lighting. Anyways, I wore this to work on Friday. I love casual Fridays, it gives me the opportunity to add a little funk into my outfits. This pant was my little funk last week. Added the blazer to make it work appropriate and also add some vibe with the color. In essence, causal Fridays for me are far from Jeans and t-shirts and more fun, colorful and Bold. How do you do casual Fridays?

Blazer: H&M, Pants: Love, Belts: F21, Shoes: VS, Necklace: Limited

Leopard Peplum Done Different

Hello Friends! I'm back. Thank you all for your texts and comments during this past week. I made it back home safely and we finally have power restored after 6 days of no power. I couldn't have been more excited. Living in the cold and dark was no fun at all. But, I'm thankful for everything because at the end of the day, it's nothing compared to what I see and hear going on around us.
 Today's outfit is my different version of wearing peplum. I've noticed most people including me wear peplum with a slim  fitted pencil skirt or trouser and in my attempt to do it differently, I decided to try a loose fit pant. I have to say I actually like the look. To me it gives off a care free but still put-together look and feels less structured which is what I was going for. 
Hope you a great weekend. Wish you a great week ahead!

Top: Asos, Pant: F21, Shoes: Bakers, Bag: Bakers