Outfit Post: Women of Purpose Conference Day 2

Another Monday morning, probably my last one sitting at home at this time. I'm suppose to resume work next week, if all the paper work are set to go by then. This post concludes the Women's Conference edition; the second day was just as powerful as the first. You might have noticed I wore pink on both days. Well, that's because pink was one of the colors for the conference.

I believe it's time I give Mr. D. some kudos for taking most of my pictures and doing such a wonderful job. He's always pushing me to do something new and change it up. He has been suggesting I try new locations for the pictures because it's all starting to look the same because of the same background.  He was concern my readers will get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. So he nudged me to go somewhere different. I can honestly say without his push, I would have stuck to my red brick signature wall...lol. So, thank you Mr. D., I appreciate your wonderful work and I love you.

In regards to the hair update on the previous post, I forgot to mention that I also colored my hair jet black.

Pant: Inlovewithfashion, Top and neckalce: Limited, Bag: Aldo, Shoes: Charlotte russe

Outfit Post: Women of Purpose Conference Day 1 / New Hair Debut

Hi Lovelies! Hope you all are having a great weekend so far. Like I said in my previous post, this weekend is the Women's Conference at my church, and it was truly a great time in the presence of God. I also enjoyed fellowshipping, getting to know and connecting with women in the church.

Now to the outfit. Remember my Going Trad post here? Since I had 6 yards to use and the dress obviously didn't require 6 yards, I had some left over which I used for this skirt. Just in case you're wondering/thinking the material looks familiar; It is the same fabric.

Lastly, this post will be debuting my new hair. Yah! I'm so excited I did it and I love it. I went with look number 6 from the post here. I have received compliments on it, so that's good. I'm loving everything about it so far, the only thing I have to get use to is rapping the hair. Takes me twice the time now to get everything rapped up well, but I'll get use to that / find a trick with time. Did I mention I'm glad to see my hair have some a lot... of body again. It bounces up and down each step I take. Love it!  It was windy when I took these pictures, hence my hair was everywhere so you might not really get a good feel for the look. Nevertheless, this is still a debut and you'll get a good feel for it in the next and future posts.

What are your thoughts on the new hair cut?

Skirt: Tailored, T-shirt: H&M, Jacket: Macys, Bag: Aldo, Shoes: DSW

Back In Michigan II

The second part of the Michigan post is dedicated to my other sister, who visited with her friend. Their visit was Impromptu. She loves road trips and traveling, so when I started complaining about not having anyone over there with me. She didn't think twice before she said they'll be coming to visit with her friend.

We had breakfast at this rustic restaurant and it was good. After that, the plan was to find a winery to go to. But, we couldn't find any in a reasonable driving distance. So, we ended up at the movies and saw 2 movies that day, back to back.

Peppered Fish Fillet w/ Recipe

Hi lovelies! Hope you all are having a great day and looking forward to the weekend. I'm definitely ready for the weekend and excited about it. My church is hosting the Women's Conference this weekend, so that's where I'll be. I'm glad I'm not just going to be an attendee but part of the organizing team as well; things like that excites me, and it's good to get involved. Anyways, today I have for you a fish recipe. I made this as afternoon snack the other day. Hope you enjoy it.

5 fresh or frozen fish fillets
2 medium clove garlic, minced
1/2 medium onion
1/2 green pepper
1/2 red pepper
1 small tomato
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp dried thyme
1/2 tsp curry powder
1/2 tsp cajun spice
1 Knorr cube
Salt to taste
3tbsp oil

1. Prep by dicing peppers, tomatoes, onions and mice garlic
2. Lightly salt both sided of the fish fillets and set aside
3. In a large non-stick skillet on medium-high heat, add 2 tbsp of vegetable oil; cook the garlic, onions, green and red pepper for about 5-7 minutes
4.  Add the tomatoes. Cook, while stirring, on medium heat for another4 minutes
5. Add the salt to taste, garlic powder, curry powder, thyme and cajun spice. Stir, then simmer for about 2- 3 minutes
6. Push all of the sauce to the outside edges of the skillet, leaving the center of the skillet without any ingredients. On medium-high heat, add 1tbsp of oil in the now empty center of the skillet. Gently place the fish fillets in the center of the skillet.
7. Cook the fish fillets, gently turning over and keeping in whole fillets, until the fish fillets are done. Fish is done when it is white in color, and it flakes when tested with a fork.
8.  Spoon the pepper sauce on top of the fish fillets and allow to rest in the skillet for a few minutes on the lowest heat setting.
9. Serve and Enjoy!

The Search is Over!!!

Praise the Lord for me, my unofficial leave is finally over, and my breakthrough has arrived. God truly does see our hearts and has a plan for us that we don't even know about. Yes, I got a job! Not one, but two actually, so I ended up with options. After four months of searching, praying, interviewing, editing resumes and so forth I can say my prayers have been answered and the unspoken desires of my heart have been met. God's timing is really the best. If you know and understand God, then you know He doesn't work on man's time. This moment couldn't have come at a better time; God works in a way that you'll know that it is Him and not you or anyone else behind your good news.  I believe God positions our blessing in a way that will make us realize that it is truly the works of His hands.
When I was looking for a job, I knew the kind of job I wanted in my heart from the daily duties to the KSAOs required to the dress code. Yes, really, dress code. But in my prayer, I didn't say God give me a job that allows me to dress this way and not that way. I just prayed that God's will be done. That the perfect job that he has in store and has been working on for months for me, that I will not miss it when it comes around. Well, I tell you, the prayers I openly prayed and the ones I wished secretly in my heart, it all came through; goes to say God knows our thoughts.

I did a post a while back and I said in that post that when this moment arrives, I will sing Psalm 40: 1-3. I am glad I can finally sing it now. Truly my life has been a living testimony and I thank God for it. When I look back at my stories and how things have always happened in the most unconditional way, I truly have no doubt in mind that I am blessed. The roads I have taken to achieve the milestones in my short life have been unique, my life definitely tells a different story than anyone else's and I know. Knowing that, I thank and appreciate God for it, for the many blessings and unique opportunities he has brought my way. Realizing this a while ago, I always say to myself I am one lucky child. I go the regular route to get things done, but the path that I end up on is like no other. So, I learned to not expect my blessings to happen in the same channel as everyone else's does. Funny enough what I have known, accepted and been thinking about for a while was actually reaffirmed by my parents. My mom called me up one day and started telling me all the things I have realized and was thinking. How blessed/lucky I am. In that moment I was touched that this realization has not only come to me but also others.

Long story short, you get the gist. God has truly been faithful to me even when I'm undeserving. I got a job, not just any job, but the right job. A job that fits my needs and desires and satisfies my inner wants.  Now I just need to get some things together, transition myself out of my lax routine and get back in the mood of a working woman. I am so grateful and thankful to everyone that prayed, called and wished me well in this search. My family, In-laws, friends and my blog ville family. Glad to say the search is finally over!

Remember this post (here), that's the job I got. The guy actually offered me a second round interview on the spot. I went for the on site interview a little over two weeks ago, everything went well. Met with the VP of Quality and HR and I felt very good walking out of there. The second job was with a company I've worked with before in another state, and they surprisingly gave me a offer based of my resume, no interview or anything.

With that said, I use this medium as a point of contact to any one who is reading this and currently looking for a job, your testimonies shall come soon IJN.(Amen)

Thanks for all your support and comments, I appreciate you all.

God is good!

Outfit Post: Ruffles and Bows

Hi lovely readers! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mr. D. and I had date night on Friday at this really cool Jamaica style restaurant and it reminded us so much of our honeymoon. We went to workers meeting in church on Saturday, and from there it was pretty much laying around, eating and doing nothing the rest of the weekend. Monday is here and I feel super tired and drowsy, almost like I didn't get enough sleep, even though I got to sleep in till 10am. I felt like that when I woke up on Sunday also; I haven't felt this way since I left Michigan. Back there, I slept with one eye open and one eye closed, just because I didn't feel safe where I was living. So, that explains me waking up super tired every morning. Now, I don't know how to explain this sleep deprivation I'm feeling. I feel at peace and safe now, sleep with both eyes closed...lol and hubby is with me. I hope this goes away soon and I'm back to my normal self.

These two pieces are some of my favorite from my closet.The skirt is a couple of years old, but it's one of those pieces that I don't feel like I have to give away or donate anytime soon. Well, until it doesn't fit anymore; till then, I'll be rocking it!



 Shirt and Necklace: The Limited, Skirt: F21, Shoes: Anne Michelle, Clutch: Asos

Quick, Easy, Tasty and Inexpensive Iced Coffee

Just as good as the one from Starbucks. I came across this recipe on All recipe a while ago. This drink has become my new best friend on days that I need a pick-me-up. Bottom line, if you love Iced Coffee, I promise you will love this. While I appreciate the effort that goes into the 8 or 12 hours cold brewed coffee, I don't have it in me to do all that or have the space in my fridge to store gallons of coffee; so I'll rather make them as I go. Save yourselves so many trips to Starbucks and try this today. I can not emphasize the quick, easy and cheap part enough; I'll leave the tasty part for you to validate.

2 tsp Instant coffee
1-2 tsp sugar (based on preference for sweetness)
3 tbsp warm water
6 fluid ounces cold milk/half n half

1. In a sealable jar combine instant coffee, sugar and warm water
2. Cover jar and shake until it's foamy
3. Pour into a glass filled with ice; fill glass with milk

Note: Add a hint of chocolate syrup to spice it up and crushed ice for better result.

Egg and Plantain Bake w/ Recipe

I've had egg and plantains several times, but never like this. Mr. D. had a craving for it the other day but we had no plantains in stock and the store I know usually carries them for sure was closed; so that moment passed. We finally got some a couple of days ago. I decided to put a spin on it and not make it the regular way which is frying the eggs with the tomatoes and onions together and frying the plantains as usual.  I had some left over peppers on hand, so I decided to make use of them. I love the outcome and there will definitely be a repeat.

5 - 6 eggs
2 large ripe plantains
1/2 medium onion
1/2 medium tomato
1/2 medium green pepper
1/2 medium yellow pepper
1 tsp curry powder
1 tsp ground hot pepper
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp dried thyme
1/2 tsp Italian seasoning
1/4 tsp salt
1 knorr cube, crushed
Oil for frying

1. Dice plantains by cutting down the middle lengthwise, then across lengthwise
2. Thinly dice peppers, tomato and onion
3. Heat up about 2-3 cups of oil in a deep pan on med heat. Once hot, fry plantains till golden brown
4. Remove from oil and set in a container/bowl layered with paper towel; set aside
5. Heat up a frying pan with 2 tbsp of oil on med -high heat; once hot, add onions and peppers and saute about 3mins, then add tomatoes and reduce to heat to low-med
6. Add curry powder, hot pepper, garlic powder, thyme, Italian seasoning, knorr cube and salt. stir and cook for another 5 - 7 minutes. Remove from heat
7. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F
8. Break and whisk eggs in a bowl with a pinch of salt
9. Prep baking dish by adding 1 tbsp of oil and spread around to coat dish with a pastry brush
10. Pour eggs into baking dish; gently add half of the pepper sauce into the egg mix spreading it around evenly; do the same with half of the plantains
11. Add the remaining pepper sauce, then plantains spreading evenly
12. Transfer to oven and bake for 25 - 30 minutes
13. Remove from oven; let it cool for about 10mins
14. Serve and Enjoy!

1. Bake 20 - 25 minutes if you prefer your egg a little runny.
2. I like my pepper and onions very well cooked. So if you don't mind or have a preference for how you cook your veggies, you can skip the frying process by mixing the peppers, tomatoes and onions together with all the condiments and add to eggs directly.