The Search is Over!!!

Praise the Lord for me, my unofficial leave is finally over, and my breakthrough has arrived. God truly does see our hearts and has a plan for us that we don't even know about. Yes, I got a job! Not one, but two actually, so I ended up with options. After four months of searching, praying, interviewing, editing resumes and so forth I can say my prayers have been answered and the unspoken desires of my heart have been met. God's timing is really the best. If you know and understand God, then you know He doesn't work on man's time. This moment couldn't have come at a better time; God works in a way that you'll know that it is Him and not you or anyone else behind your good news.  I believe God positions our blessing in a way that will make us realize that it is truly the works of His hands.
When I was looking for a job, I knew the kind of job I wanted in my heart from the daily duties to the KSAOs required to the dress code. Yes, really, dress code. But in my prayer, I didn't say God give me a job that allows me to dress this way and not that way. I just prayed that God's will be done. That the perfect job that he has in store and has been working on for months for me, that I will not miss it when it comes around. Well, I tell you, the prayers I openly prayed and the ones I wished secretly in my heart, it all came through; goes to say God knows our thoughts.

I did a post a while back and I said in that post that when this moment arrives, I will sing Psalm 40: 1-3. I am glad I can finally sing it now. Truly my life has been a living testimony and I thank God for it. When I look back at my stories and how things have always happened in the most unconditional way, I truly have no doubt in mind that I am blessed. The roads I have taken to achieve the milestones in my short life have been unique, my life definitely tells a different story than anyone else's and I know. Knowing that, I thank and appreciate God for it, for the many blessings and unique opportunities he has brought my way. Realizing this a while ago, I always say to myself I am one lucky child. I go the regular route to get things done, but the path that I end up on is like no other. So, I learned to not expect my blessings to happen in the same channel as everyone else's does. Funny enough what I have known, accepted and been thinking about for a while was actually reaffirmed by my parents. My mom called me up one day and started telling me all the things I have realized and was thinking. How blessed/lucky I am. In that moment I was touched that this realization has not only come to me but also others.

Long story short, you get the gist. God has truly been faithful to me even when I'm undeserving. I got a job, not just any job, but the right job. A job that fits my needs and desires and satisfies my inner wants.  Now I just need to get some things together, transition myself out of my lax routine and get back in the mood of a working woman. I am so grateful and thankful to everyone that prayed, called and wished me well in this search. My family, In-laws, friends and my blog ville family. Glad to say the search is finally over!

Remember this post (here), that's the job I got. The guy actually offered me a second round interview on the spot. I went for the on site interview a little over two weeks ago, everything went well. Met with the VP of Quality and HR and I felt very good walking out of there. The second job was with a company I've worked with before in another state, and they surprisingly gave me a offer based of my resume, no interview or anything.

With that said, I use this medium as a point of contact to any one who is reading this and currently looking for a job, your testimonies shall come soon IJN.(Amen)

Thanks for all your support and comments, I appreciate you all.

God is good!


  1. God is good, Faithful and always right on time. Pray that you will be successful on your new job and that Favor will follow you.


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