Stripe Shirt Dress

Stripe Shirt Dress
Hi Loves!
Happy Monday.
I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine wasn't too bad.
Less cooking / time in the kitchen equals more time spent with the kids and a much needed R&R to recharge before the new week begins.

I wore the white version of this dress here
After wearing the white version, I loved the style and fit so much, I decided to get the stripe version as well. And, for only $24, you really can't go wrong.
For this look, I paired the dress with my polka dot black pump and added a neck tie scarf for a polished look.

Have a blessed day!

DressCloset London (white version here, try this here here)
Shoes: Vs (old, similar here here)
Neck Scarf: New Look via Asos (try this here here on sale)

Denim Off Shoulder Ruffle Jumpsuit

Hi Loves!
Hope your week has been great.

I shared a glimpse of this look a while back on my Instagram. This was my look for a causal dressy date night with hubby some weeks ago. I was initially planning on wearing a dress but decided against it and went for this jumpsuit which was perfect for the night. 

Something else I just noticed while writing this post, I've been wearing lot of pieces with ruffles lately. 

Back to the jumpsuit and why it was perfect for the night. The neckline and off shoulder details allowed for some skin action, which is never a bad thing on date night. Also, as it got cooler, I had no need to worry about a jacket. And, lastly, the bottom; I love the wide leg finishing as it makes you appear taller with long legs.

Keeping with the casual dressy theme, I paired it with my favorite pink mules. Added matching pink belt for a better defined waist and finished off with the grey and black clutch. 

Let's not forget about the earrings, which I am getting more into lately. I haven't paid much attention to jewelries in a long time and I tend to keep it simple in that department. However, as you know, tassel earrings are hot on trend right now and even though I am not necessarily a trend follower, some of these earrings are just too good and pretty to pass by like this one from H&M. It was on sale when I bought mine so I only paid about $7 for it. I also got a burgundy pair which is just perfect for fall.  
The other ones I've been wearing lately as seen here in pink which is currently on heavy rotation, also have the black and a different version here and here, I got from Walmart for just $4 each. I guess you can say I am too frugal to splurge $40 and above on these earrings. So, I only jumped on the trend when I found the budget friendly versions. 

With the statement earrings, belt and all the ruffle details on the jumpsuit, I thought I had too much going on with this outfit as I picked out each piece but they all worked and came together very nicely.

Off to patiently wait on the weekend, my favorite part of the week. 

Till next time. 
Have a blessed one.
Denim Off Shoulder Ruffle Jumpsuit  
Jumpsuit: Asos 
Clutch: Asos (try this here, here & here, love this)
Belt: Asos (try this here )
Mules: Asos (try this here & here)
Earrings: H&M (black version here, try this here)

Hot Pink One Shoulder Ruffle Dress

Hi Loves!  
Hi I hope you had a great weekend. 
I spent Saturday at the city park with the kids for the Carousel Festival and Sunday entertaining guests, getting ready for Monday and somehow managed to sneak in a couple hours of rest/nap. 

As long as the temperature feels like  summer, I am going to keep indulging and act as if it is not nearly coat season. Being in the south is a great advantage for that.

This dress was a find during the last Zara sale. It is simple yet unique. Easy to wear and style for a dressy or causal outing.  For this look, I paired it with matching pink shoes and an embellished Clutch.

Have a great week!


Dress: Zara (Similar here, here & here)  
Shoes: Christian Siriano x Payless (similar here, here & here
Clutch: Asos (try this here, here & here)
Watch: Movado

Emmanuel :: Eight Months Letter

Hello my beautiful baby boy.

You did a lot of growing in month eight both physically and developmentally.

You sprouted you first teeth and just a couples of week after, the second on came along.

You are the master of crawling now and you can pretty much compete in a crawling race. And, the way you maneuver your way around is beyond me.

You started pulling yourself up and love to stand by leaning on furniture's or any object that will support you. E.g. mommy's leg. Unless you're seriously engrossed in your play with your sister, you'll most likely be found standing and not sitting. With that, you're learning / trying to walk around by holding on to said object and walking around it. 

You're even taking it a step further and attempting to climb the staircase. You just haven't quite figured out the arm, leg coordination to make that happen yet.

When you're in your walker, you love the fact that you can "run" in it. And, I think you enjoy bumping into stuff and people. 

You are already a sweet tooth. You love your yogurts and your fruits. But, when it comes to veggies you pretty much act like you're choking to avoid eating it. The first time you gave that reaction, I almost lost it thinking you were allergic or choking, only to find out you don't like greens and do all you can including sticking you tongue out, pushing the food out and having a mini episode. It is truly quite a show you put on when veggies are in roll.
I can see that your love and admiration for your sister grows each day.

Your attachment to mommy is becoming real, even to the point of you refusing daddy's offer to carry you when you got upset. That was a first and a surprise.

  You went on your first road trip and did amazing. Although, I could clearly tell you would have preferred not to see the inside of a car seat for a few weeks after that. After the trip, as I prepared to put you in your car seat the following work day, you were really fighting me and didn't want to go down. Can't blame you though. Spending that much time in your car seat will not be happening again anytime soon.

You have blossomed and keep developing new personality, which makes watching you grow each day even more exciting.

I don't believe I have said this before, but you are the most calm, easiest and happiest baby ever. 
I thank God for making you just the way you are. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and can't wait to see what the next 3 months has in store before the big One.


One Shoulder Ruffle Sundress & Pom Pom Sliders

Hi loves!

Happy Friday. I hope you had a great week. It was a 4-day work week but with the same workload, hence the excitement it is Friday!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have caught a glimpse of this dress. I wore this over the weekend last week for a family brunch outing. Outings with the kids calls for a fuse free outfit and this dress was just perfect for that occasion. If you've been following me for a while now, then you know I like "simple" pieces but with some details to it to make it stand out. For this dress, it is a combination of the one shoulder and the ruffle details. And, the front pocket is a major plus. You might think it is similar to this dress in this post and that is absolutely right. I'm finding that when I like something or find a new style that I gravitate towards, I don't stop at one, at least in cases where there are options.

Since it was a casual day out, I opted for my pom pom sliders for comfort and finished the look with my orange handbag. 

It seems like I am just beginning to enjoy my summer wardrobe and all of a sudden Fall is around the corner. I guess I'll just have to find ways to incorporate some of my summer pieces into my fall style. 

Enjoy the weekend!

Dress: Asos
Sliders: Asos
Bag: Asos (old try this here & here )
Watch: Movado

Gingham Cold Shoulder Top

Hi Loves!

I have to be honest, when this cold shoulder trend first started, I was not for it. But now, it seems I can't get enough. This top is just one of many cold shoulder tops and dresses I own. The nice thing about the cold shoulder style is that it comes in variety of style, so even though I have a few cold shoulder items, I don't believe any of them are the same as far as the cut and details.  

Hope you're having a great week so far.

Top: Boohoo via Asos
Pants: H&M
Bag: Zara (old, similar here, here & here)  
Shoes: VS (try this here, here & here

Stripe Button Front Dress

Happy Monday! 
And I mean it this time. Three-day weekends are the best!
I achieve a lot more, have more fun, even get some rest and I'm sure I'll go back to work a happier person on Tuesday. So, why can't all weekends by like this again!?

Starting off this week with this look. Being a stripe lover, the front pockets and off shoulder details of this dress were just an added bonus. I love how simple this dress is, but yet, it stands out. It will be a perfect vacation dress to wear while talking a walk on the beach. 
Off to enjoy the rest of the long weekend.

Dress: Asos
Necklace: H&M (similar here & here)
Watch: Movado
Shoes: VS (old, try this here, here & here