Hey Y'all....New Month and I'm back!

 Hi guys, so to make the long story short, let just not talk about it. 😀

 It has truly been a minute. I have contemplated not coming back to this blog and just walking away but, something in me will just not let go.

When I tell you we are sometimes our own biggest obstacle, it couldn't be more true. The thing is I forgot why I started blogging. I was busy being noisy about what others were doing and what I wasn't and wondering If anyone still cares. Apparently, you guys still do, or at least someone out there does because I checked the stat which I typically never do, but did out of curiosity and saw consistent traffic during my entire hiatus. So, someone was here, reading up. 😍

 I never lost the passion for blogging and sharing, I just lost focus and time (here and there) so, here we are again, giving it another go and picking up right where we left off, sort of.

 Nothing ground breaking has happened since my last post, unless you consider another move ground breaking.

Honestly, I have truly missed blogging and connecting with you all. 

Excited to get back to it. 

A little update to catch up in no particular order since last time:

No new baby, despite some suspicions...lol

We moved again! We are now in beautiful Colorado. We truly get the best of both world. Once I've experienced all four season, will probably write about some myth of Coloroda that I bought into before moving here and also share my favorite parts.

Rebranded my business, now Simply EliFab. Check it out! The days of accessories only are long gone. Now we have ankara outfit for the precious little's in your life. And, some big surprise coming soon. So definitely check Simply EliFab out!

Got my Masters...finally! Probably deserves its own post

Entered my 30's while away form blogging

I now work from home full time (giving aunty corona some credit for that). Now, what's a girl to do with all the office clothes? I guess I'll play dress in the meantime.

Till next time



  1. Welcome back to blogging. Looking forward to more posts

    1. Thank you so much Asha! it's good to be back.


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