Inspirational Tuesday

Whatever you find yourself doing or embarking on, whatever opportunity comes your way that looks and feel mighty. Hold on to this words in your journey because, God is with us, we will not fail. We will cross the finish line in full glory.
Happy Tuesday!

Psalm 46:5 (NIV)
God is within her, she will not fail;
God will help her at break of day. 

Iro & Buba

Hello loves!
Welcome to a new week. Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Mine was good. Was super busy working on EliFab. I have so exciting news in that regards and will share when the time comes.

Today, I'm sharing another one of my DIY projects. For my non Nigerian / African readers, this outfit Is a traditional style outfit called Iro & buba (top & wrapper) in Nigeria (Yoruba). Not going to give much history as you can goggle to learn more. The top is usually a loose/baggy fit with long sleeves but that has change as this style has definitely evolve over the years and has been modernized. It went from one or two specific style cut for the top to various variation including but not limited to short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, long sleeve, fitted top, off shoulder...and much more. For the wrap, you can tie is various ways as well; full length like I did, short or the new style "tulip" style. You can see a version of the original traditional cut in my wedding post here.
Have a blessed day!
. . . .

Iro & Buba (Top & wrapper) : DIY
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Watch: Fossil

Letter to My 18 Months Old Sweet Eliana

My sweet baby girl, it is a true joy to watch you grow. Just like that you turned one and a half. Each day is one full of new adventures, funny faces and big smiles. You wake up with the biggest smile and so much to say, which only makes me wish I can understand your words. We don't let the language barrier get in the way though, lol. We still engage in our morning conversation.
You are a bubbling shinning star and I'm super proud to be your mom.
So what are you up to at 18 months, You are ...
The door police. No door can remain unclosed in your sight. We can trust every door in the house to closed at all times, thanks to you.
You like to charge our phones, whether it needs charging or not. Needless to say, the chargers are usually unplugged from the wall.
You are very tidy and specific about putting things back just the way you found and you take your time to get it right. I think I know who you got that from. *wink*
You are quick to say bye (on most days)  when I drop you off at daycare but also quick to run into my arms when I arrive to pick you up.
You are fearless and strong, both in character and physically. You attempt to lift and push everything. Even things that are way bigger than you.
You like to run. I believe you know it will take you longer to reach your point of interest with your small legs, so you just run everywhere.
You have master the act of going up and down the staircase.  You got the going up part down months ago, but you've only recently mastered the approach I've been teaching you to come down, which involves using your butt. Left up to you, you want to come down just like adults, stepping down with your legs, but they are not quite long enough.
You can be dramatic at times, that includes when you're practicing you fake cry.
When it comes to food, you're still the same picky eater, which I'm learning to live with.
You know how to get on our good side once you've misbehaved by offering hugs, kisses and snuggling up.
You used to say daddy nonstop for everything, but now that you're beginning to understand how things work, it's now mummy nonstop.
You're finally getting fond of your teddy bears. You used to run from them, but now, you feed them, hug them and take them good care of them.
My prayer for you is that you will continue to grow in grace, favor and strength. God's light will continue to shine upon you and your heart will forever be full of love, joy and peace.
Love you lots.

Inspirational Tuesday

 Happy Tuesday!
Current feeling. Because there's no other way to explain it.

Ribbed Stripe Dress

Happy Monday!
Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was good. The weather was absolutely perfect that it even encouraged me to take Eliana shopping with me. Usually, I like to leave her at home so she won't slow me down. But, she loves being outside and exploring, so I took her with me.

You might have seen this dress previously posted on my Instagram page. There, I styled it in a causal way; with a jeans jacket over it and flat sandals. For this look, I decided to dress it up by merely adding a pair of heels with some edge.
Although I've been consciously staying away from body hugging dresses like this one, thanks to my leftover baby belly that has refuse to go on its own (wishful thinking), I find this one is quite forgiving :)
Enjoy your day!
  . DSCN7961 . . . .

Dress: H&M on sale
Shoes: Fredericks (old, similar here, here, splurge here)
Watch: Movado 

Flower Child

Happy Friday lovelies!
Ending the week on the blog with some flower power. Feeling all kind of spring-ish and flowery in this outfit. There is so much flower-party going on with the pants, I thought why not add the flower crown. Something new for me, as am not one to gravitate towards flower crown and things of such. I love them on people but not necessarily on myself. After this attempt though, not so opposed to the idea anymore.
Have a great weekend.
. . . . DSCN7889 .

Pants: Asos
Top: F21(similar here
Shoes: Bakers (try this here, here)
Watch: LaMer (similar here)

Blush Pink Dress

Hi Lovelies!
Another beautiful spring day and I'm loving this weather.
We celebrated hubby's birthday over the weekend and also attended a wedding. This is what I wore to the wedding. Something simple and clean but still stands out in its quite soft pink tone. Complimented the dress with hot pink sandals and gold accessories.
We had a great weekend, great time at the wedding and this week so far, has been good. Looking forward to this weekend.
Have a blessed day.
. . DSCN7866 . . .  
Dress: Asos (similar black here, love this here & here)
Shoes: VS (similar here)
Bracelet: F21 (similar here)
Earrings: Aldo (similar here)
Watch: Fossil (try this here)

Inspirational Tuesday

You are Beautiful!
Have a great day.

Bright Floral Skirt

Hi Lovelies!
Hope you're having a great week. Mine is going great.
I am however looking forward to some weekend festivities.
Today's post features another DIY piece. You know I have a thing for floral print, so when I saw the fabric, I just couldn't pass it up. I thought it would be perfect for Easter, so I made a simple skirt and paired it with a white button down shirt and some red accessories. Thinking of making a dress or skirt for Eliana from the remaining fabric. I haven't had as much time to sew lately; it is time consuming. So, don't be surprised if all you see me make for a while is just skirt. I find that easy and worth my time for now. Hopefully that will change soon.
Have a blessed day!
. DSCN7775 . .

Top: Express (similar here)
Skirt: DIY
Belt: F21 (similar here)
Shoes: VS(similar here, here)
Bracelet: Express (similar here)
Watch: Fossil (try this on sale here)

Inspirational Tuesday

Forgiveness. Not only others, but also yourself.
 Forgive yourself and others.
Stop revisiting the past.
Stop holding on.
Let go.
Not forgiving prevents you from being all that you can be in the present

Neon Yellow

Hi all.
Hope you had a great Easter weekend.
I mentioned in a previous post that I couldn't wait for the weather to warm up just enough to bring out my sandals. For the most part, I am now ditching my pumps on non-work days for minimal strappy sandals like this one. This neon yellow one is hard not to notice and it is one of my favorite. Although, not the best at comfort, it does look good on the feet.

The shoe choice was an after thought in this outfit. Ideally, I wanted to go for a red pair, but I thought the contrast between the neon yellow and red makes a great match.
Hope you enjoying your day so far.
Have a blessed one.
DSCN7807 . . DSCN7803 .

Top: Zara (old, try this here)
Skirt: Asos (old, try this here)
Bag: F21 (similar here)
Belt: F21 (similar here)
Shoes: VS (old, try this here)
Watch: Skagen