Pastel and Yellow

Hello lovelies! Happy Hump Day!
Looks like a lot of you enjoyed reading my letter to Miss E. here. Frankly I think you'll enjoy anything that has Miss E. in it. :) The monthly letters is one of the projects/documentary I said I was going to do before she arrived. But, look at me now, 6 months later and I'm just writing the first one. Better late than never right. I haven't been keeping up with finishing any of my photo projects and trust I have quite a few going on. Still haven't finished the pregnancy one, that how far off schedule I am. To make things even better, I'm thinking about taking on the 365days photo project for Miss E. I think I want to wait till she a little older and mobile, that will make capturing each day more interesting...I think.

On to the outfit, I'm finally using one of the advantages of being my height. The fact that I can shop regular clothing and petite clothing line. When I saw this skirt, I knew I wanted it but, it was from the Petite line. I took the risk and bought it anyway ordering one size up and jackpot!. I love how the mesh linen hits just above the knee. Not too high up that it would take away from the modesty. Pastels are always a hit for spring and this is just one spring-perfect pastel skirt. I paired the skirt with a simple (if only I had a dollar for every time I use the word "simple" in an outfit post) tee to give it a laid back look. Added nude heels and yellow clutch and necklace to complete the look.
Have a great rest of the week.
DSCN3839 DSCN3840 DSCN3842 DSCN3846 DSCN3849 DSCN3848
Top: Target
Skirt: Asos
Necklace: The Limited
Clutch: Asos
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Watch: Lamar

Sausage Egg and Homemade Biscuit

 Hello lovelies. Happy Weekend!
I'll leave you with a recipe that's perfect for breakfast on a weekend.
The is Sausage, Egg and Biscuit re-invented. This biscuit recipe is actually from my sister but I had to modify it a bit to work for me. Took a lot of trials to get it right. You really don't want to see those pictures. See, baking is not my forte. If one thing is off, then the whole outcome is drastically different, which is why I don't mess with baking that often and this recipe took me multiple trials to get right even though it's so simple. First it was hard as rock and cracking. So I increased the liquid mixture but was to much so I brought it back down and now have a good mix. Then, it was getting burnt, note don't grease the foil or bake on the lowest rack in your oven. Then the shape was like an amoeba, so I started using the measuring cup to at least get a somewhat decent shape. Can't believe how many trials it took me to perfect this 5 minutes recipe.

Sausage and egg, why prepare them separately when they'll eventually end up on the same plate and in the same stomach :) Coupled with the biscuit, this has easily become one of our favorite and we have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Yes, because sometime we have breakfast for dinner. It's so easy to make and doesn't take much time.

Biscuit Ingredients
2 cups of flour
3 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 1/8 cup of liquid (1/3 oil, rest milk)

Biscuit Directions
1. Combine flour, sugar, salt and baking powder. Mix together thoroughly
2. Measure oil and milk combination and stir together. Measure oil first 1/3 cup, then add milk to fill to 1 1/8 cup. Stir together and slowly add to dry ingredients. Kneed till dough is consistent and everything is mixed together
3. Portion out into 8 equal size. One at a time, place each portioned dough in a round flat bottom 1/2cup measuring cup to shape it. Compress with hand and spread to fill the cup. Turn over and slap against your palm till it pops into out, gently guiding it out. Place on a pan lined with foil. Repeat for remaining.
4. Baked at 475 degrees F for 12 minutes or till golden brown. Remove, let cool for a few minutes and serve.

Egg and Sausage Ingredients
2 cooking spoon full oil about 1/4 cup
6 eggs
1 medium onion
1 medium tomato
13 oz smoked beef sausage (you can use any sausage)
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp curry
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp cajun seasoning
1 tsp bouillon knorr chicken flavor seasoning
1 tsp ground red pepper
salt to taste (add last, right before egg if needed, I usually don't use any)

Egg and Sausage Ingredients
1. Slice onions and tomatoes and sausage and set aside
2. Heat oil over medium heat in a large frying pan. Once hot, add onions and let fry till translucent, about 3-5 minutes, stirring occasional
3. Add tomatoes and all condiments. Stir to mix. Add sausages, reduce heat to med-low and let cook for about 3-5 minutes.
DSCN3305 DSCN3308
4. In the mean time, break eggs and whisk together. Add egg to sauce and let cook till egg is fully cooked, stirring occasionally.
5. Serve and enjoy with warm fresh homemade biscuit.

Letter to My 6 Months Old Sweet Eliana

Maybe I'll still be blogging years from now when you're old enough to read this or maybe not. Either way I know you'll be reading this one day.

Sweet Eliana. You truly are the sweetest baby and I am so blessed and happy to be your mom. In this short but very fast 6+ months you 've been in our lives, you have transformed it in all areas.
From the moment you arrived till a few weeks after, I just couldn't get over the thought that you were mine. Mine to keep, to raise, to nurture, to love, to teach.
I remember your early months when you'll give blank stares and only smile in your sleep. Now you can't stop laughing. You're just a happy baby and I can't hear that enough from your teachers and people you spend enough time with to loosen up. Everyday, your teachers commend on how happy you are, even when you're not feeling well. For that, I think you're one of their favorite babies. You sure are my favorite! They've nicknamed you giggles. You sit and play by yourself and burst into laughter so often, it makes me and the people around you burst out into laughter as well.
I also love the way you burst into laughter when myself or you dad stares at you with a big smile and the way you burst into pure excitement and get all jumpy when you see us approaching you In your bouncer or playpen, only to realize we're just passing by not coming to carry you :)
I know you are and are going to be a strong girl. Nothing phases you as I've seen the way you are when you sick and out of energy. You remain cheerful and playful with a smile on your face.
Physically, you are strong. Our battles between keeping you seated while getting dressed and you wanting to stand or laying you down when you want to sit is another story. But, it's all fun and games.

One thing I can sort of say you definitely got from me, well the old before you arrived me, is sleep. You sure can sleep. You take three naps at least an hour each at daycare and even more naps when we get home and down for the night by 8 or 9pm. Except when your daddy keeps you awake with some intense play time.

You are becoming a big girl, doing big girls things. You started eating stage one food. Which I'm enjoying and love making for you. Glad you took to my home made puree. You seem to love everything you've eaten so far: apples, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes and bananas. We'll be trying avocado next, so we'll see how that goes. Overall, you don't seem to be a picky eater. I think I need to mention how I can't feed you fast enough. It's like you think the spoon works like a bottle that you put in your mouth and you just keep sucking and it keeps flowing. You're slowly getting the idea that the spoon doesn't function like that. It has to be taken out of your mouth to be refilled.
You also moved into your own room. Away from mommy and daddy's bedroom, which I don't think you mind at all since you sleep so well. But we need to work on you falling back asleep by yourself without your pacifier when you do wake up in the middle of the night. That's the only reason we visit your room in the middle of the night now.
My favorite time with you is getting you showered and dressed. We have our little routine that you seem to enjoy. I love feeding times with you too. I already miss you BF directly. You've preferred the bottle from day one and you don't seem to care for BF at all anymore. You'll rather go hungry than BF now. That's another story, it's not entirely your fault.
You're growing up so fast, full of life, energy, emotions and personality. There isn't a dull moment with you.
You have made motherhood so enjoyable and rewarding for me. You're just pure joy!

Even though I'm not a morning person, well since you got here, I am now. But seeing you bright and early puts a smile on my face. How can I not smile and be filled with Joy when I look at you. You are my precious little girl.

You have been a blessing to our family and we love you and can't wait to watch you grow.

Orange and Leopard

Hello Lovelies!
Hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was pretty relaxing which I'm grateful for. Spent some time making home made food for Miss E. since she eats solid now. It's so easy, just steam/boil and blend. I really enjoy making her food and I'm glad she loves it and chows it down like she's been eating it from birth. So far so good. She hasn't rejected anything yet. She's had carrots, bananas, green beans and apples. I think we'll be trying sweet potatoes and I'm sure she'll have no problem with that and avocados next. We'll see how that goes.

Thank the wind for my crazy hair in this post. This is one of those outfit that I just threw together last minute and I love it. The look could easily pass as a dress but it isn't. Paired my Zara orange top with an orange skirt and belt and coral necklace. To offset the all orange look, went with leopard shoes and my trench coat to complete the look.
I love when I can make old pieces look like new.
  DSCN3742 DSCN3746 DSCN3750 DSCN3751

Top: Zara, Skirt: H&M, Belt: H&M Coat: H&M, Necklace: F21, Shoes: VS

Black and White Style IV :: Black or White

Hello beautiful people! Happy New Month!
As April brings Spring showers, it will also bring showers of joy and blessings to you in this new month.
Hope your week and month is of to a great start.
This post will conclude the Black and White Style series. I have finally snapped out of my black and white combo mood. I'm not sure if I love or hate the fact that I often walk into Target looking to get one thing and I end up walking out with one or two clothing items. It's hard to walk in and ignore that session/aisle especially when you walk right into it. I usually walk through like I don't care and then  I look to the side and something catches my attention or I see a sale sign. That's the story for this outfit. Target has some great pieces, especially work wear.  It is also worth mentioning that Target pants, maybe not all but all the ones I own so far are dirt catchers. You can lint it from morning till night, you'll still look like you just finished rolling in wool. Since you don't really see it unless you're really close or the one wearing it, I live with it. I wouldn't pass up this pants just because of that.
Here's to a joyous month and a great rest of the week.

Sweater: Target, Pants: Target, Watch: Skagen, Shoes: VS