Black and White Style IV :: Black or White

Hello beautiful people! Happy New Month!
As April brings Spring showers, it will also bring showers of joy and blessings to you in this new month.
Hope your week and month is of to a great start.
This post will conclude the Black and White Style series. I have finally snapped out of my black and white combo mood. I'm not sure if I love or hate the fact that I often walk into Target looking to get one thing and I end up walking out with one or two clothing items. It's hard to walk in and ignore that session/aisle especially when you walk right into it. I usually walk through like I don't care and then  I look to the side and something catches my attention or I see a sale sign. That's the story for this outfit. Target has some great pieces, especially work wear.  It is also worth mentioning that Target pants, maybe not all but all the ones I own so far are dirt catchers. You can lint it from morning till night, you'll still look like you just finished rolling in wool. Since you don't really see it unless you're really close or the one wearing it, I live with it. I wouldn't pass up this pants just because of that.
Here's to a joyous month and a great rest of the week.

Sweater: Target, Pants: Target, Watch: Skagen, Shoes: VS

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