Fall TV

Something I'm definitely looking forward to starting next week is Fall TV. I believe the best shows are on during the Fall season which is perfect for me because I spend less time outside as oppose to summer. While I actually enjoy not been glued to my TV for several hours during the week or having to worry about missing any show, I'm really looking forward to seeing at least the season premiere of a number of shows. The only show I was watching was SYTYCD, which left Mr. D. with a lot of time to watch CNBC and alike. But once all my shows kicks in, we'll need to work something out. :)

Here are the shows on my watch list this fall in no particular order:

1. Grey's Anatomy
I've been a dedicated fan of the show since the very beginning and I'll be till the end. I know they had a couple of rocky seasons and the show is probably not as good as it was in the beginning but that's not enough to pry me away from the show. This season I'm looking forward to see how the doctors at Seattle Grace will react to the news of the crash and the death of Lexie, whether all doctors who said they were leaving will still leave the hospital as planned before the crash or if they'll stay and how Derek will take his hand injury been that he probably can't operate for a while and he just received a new position at another hospital. Can't wait!

2. Private Practice
It should be no surprise that this is also on my list. As a spinoff off Grey's I like the show just as much. Again, not as good as it was at the beginning, but I have to see it till the end since I've come this far.  Can't wait to find who Addison will choose, Sam or Jake. The logical pick is probably Jake, but knowing how crazy and irrational Addison is, she'll probably pick Sam. Also, how Amelia will deal with the loss of her "unicorn baby" and if she will finally get together with Sheldon or if Sheldon is already seeing someone else. Oh, and see who Violet will move on to next considering Pete (Tim Daly) is leaving the show. Too much drama!

3. Scandal
This is surely creeping its way up to my favorite. It's actually one of the very few shows that Mr. D. and I enjoy watching together. First season was great, hope the second season can be just as good. But, like every other Shonda Rhimes show, I'm hoping it doesn't start to get sour and hope it delivers something unique because the potential is there. In the last season, the big question was who is Quinn Perkins? I'm eager to find out the answer to that and the answer better be good if they made us wait that long and considering she was mostly a secondary or even tertiary character that I didn't pay much mind to and now has the biggest secret. Yeah, answer better be good! I'm hoping they end the cat and mouse games between Olivia and the president, I'm tired of that already.

4. Castle
I loveeee Castle. As much as I want to smack some sense into Beckett, I still love her. Maybe knock a little sense into Castle also, but I don't blame him, the poor man is completely smitten by crazy Beckett. After years and years of chasing, hinting, patiently waiting and fetching coffee, it finally looks like Castle and Beckett stand a chance, we just have to see how long it will last and see how they will deal with the bad guys still after Beckett's life.

5. Law and Order SVU
Another one of my all time favorite. I don't  think I can ever get tired of watching this show, especially the old re-runs. This is one show for me that seems like they can do no wrong. I can tell the new season is going to be a handful with a dead body found in bed with the Captain Cragen. That's going to be a hard one on the team. I'm still trying to figure out what's up with Amaro, I just don't get him/his character yet.

6. Revenge
This one I was a bit skeptical at first, I actually didn't start watching until season 2. After much persuasion from my friends I decided to give it a chance and I was not disappointed. Starting late meant I had a lot of  catching up to do once I got hooked. I think I watched all the previous episodes I missed in like a day or two, just couldn't unplug myself from it. Now, the last season finale was epic and I hope this season will live up to expectations. With Victoria "dead" in a plane crash, Charlotte possibly dead from drug overdoes, Amanda back with a baby, Jack no idea who the real Amanda is and finally Emily's mom is Alive! There is epic written all over this season.

7. Parenthood 
Just found out I'm already two episodes behind. Not much to say. I love the Braverman's with the exception of Crosby and Zeke, both just always find a way to annoy me in almost every episode. 

8. The Big Bang Theory
Geek or no geek, this show is great. It's one of those show I always stop to watch while flipping through the channels. With the wedding done and Howard off to space, I'm not really sure what to expect but I'm excited to watch because whatever it is, it will be good.

9. How I Met Your Mother
This is on my list, but we have an on/off relationship. I can't say I've watched every single episode or that I'll watch all episodes this season either, but I'll tune in from time to time just to catch up on where things are.

As you can imagine there are a lot of new shows starting this fall also, but only a few caught my attention and the new shows that I would like to give a chance are:

 1. The Mindy project

2. Last resort

As I was writing this I noticed most of these shows are on ABC network, some on CBS and NBC, but no Fox shows at all except the new one, The Mindy Project. I know they have some good shows too, I wonder if that says anything about me. Oh well.

Now I can't wait for fall TV to be over so I can stop watching so much TV/playing catch up online.

What shows do you watch and which ones are you looking forward to?


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    1. I actually watched the first or second episode of X factor this season. The auditions are also the best for me on the singing shows. Thanks for sharing dear.


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