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Weekends are turning out to be quite fun so far, hopefully it continues this way. The past two weekends have been anything but my regular old weekends which pretty much entails staying in my apartment all weekend, cleaning, maybe do some cooking and watching TV. This was mostly because I was in a city where I didn't know a single person. But all has change now, I know at least one person in my new city, my hubby. Well, who were you thinking it might be? Anyways a little recap about last weekend, we scored free tickets to see D.L Hughley comedy show. It was great, the guy was really good and I guess worth the wait. We stood in line, in the cold for almost an hour before we finally made it in. We could have gotten in early than that if we had actually arrived early, but you know African people and their "African time". The ticket said to show up between 7:15pm and 7:30pm and we left the house around 7:30pm. So, by the time we got there, the line was wrapped around the whole building, putting us at the very end of the line. Can't complain much though, we made it in, enjoyed the show and most of all FREE tickets! You can't beat that.

This weekend, we got the chance to hang out with some friends. Well Mr. D's friends. But you know what they say, his friends are now my friends. They (the couple) arrived at our house a little before noon. By this time myself and Mr. D were pretty much starving. We skipped breakfast hoping they would arrive earlier. So, as soon as they arrived, I was ready to eat something, so off we went without a destination in mind. The goal was to drive around and end up somewhere. We ended up at Applebees for lunch after a very interesting drive.

Once we were all satisfied and stuffed, we decided to go see a movie since it was next door. We saw Man on a Ledge. It was an ok movie overall and we all enjoyed it just for the fun of it. Not one of the best, but not the worst movie either. I'm not going to go into details so I won't spoil it for whoever wishes to see the movie.


On to the outfit I wore. Since it was a casual outing, I wanted to keep it simple so this is what I ended up with. Did I mention the weather has been very generous lately, hence the reason I'm not wearing a coat or boots and what can I say, I love green. :)

#Bag: aldo #shoes: can't really remember, it was from a shoe store in Indy #sweater and pant: the limited

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