Pregnancy Journal: Cravings / Food Experience Part I

I'm no way close to this but I find it very funny :)
Happy Friday people!
 Ending the week with another Pregnancy Journal entry on the blog. I thoughts of way I could share my pregnancy experience with you all without it becoming boring and overloaded. So, I've decided to do entries like this. Capturing the major happenings and changes along the way. This ended up being a long post so I split it into two parts.
Wish you all have a great weekend. 

I guess I am very lucky to say I didn't have any morning sickness. Although I was extremely nauseous later on and at times just wished I could just get the whole thing over with rather than having the feeling, it just never happened. Throwing up, that is. I wouldn't say I had or have any cravings per say. Ok, may be a little bit at the very beginning. 

The biggest change I noticed with food in the early months was that it felt like I gained an extra set of taste buds, if that's even possible. I mean food was the best thing on earth. Everything I ate tasted incredibly delicious, even food I’m used to eating on a regular basis. I didn’t crave for a lot of things but half of what I craved for, I couldn't even have because, well, they were in a different state entirely; story of my life. Among my cravings at the time, nothing out of the ordinary, was lots of rice (any form, any kind), Lamb Biryani (from Lafayette, IN) needless to say, that never happened. I was so desperate that I started thinking of people I still know there that could get it for me and have it shipped overnight. Finally searched and settled for a “knock off” version here in NJ. Pesto pizza (from Boston, MA) didn't happen either. Moi-Moi (I finally gave in and made that when the craving would not go away), pepper soup (I made it but didn't quite hit the spot, couldn’t convince myself or hubby it was worth the drive to Buka in Brooklyn). Chinese rice (from Baltimore, MD) oh, this one happened. Hubby went to Baltimore and he knew the only thing he could not come back without, so he bought it in Too bad because whoever made it was not our regular guy and didn't make it spicy enough and finally, anything with tons of pepper. That sums up everything specific I wanted. The rest of the time I was just happy to see anything that was food. I was in a very happy place and I ate like no man’s business. That lasted for a good part of the first trimester.

In the early months, I also noticed I had to eat something every two to three hours otherwise, I'd start shaking, which was strange. Packing lunch was like packing a week’s worth of food. I would regularly pack candy, pop tart, granola bar, apple, orange or banana, a container of sliced fruit (watermelon, kiwi, strawberry, mango) and two solid dishes  (my main lunch and another type of food but a much smaller quantity). Surprisingly, I come home with an empty lunch bag almost every day. Maybe the pop tart or granola bar makes it back home with me but that's about it. That lasted for about a month till I noticed I could go an average of 4 hours between meals. Now I’m back on a more regular person's eating habit. Just have breakfast, lunch, fruit or fruit platter before/after lunch and dinner. Dinner is usually light as I’m not really hungry by that time.

Check back soon for part II

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  1. Thanxs so much for sharing this! interesting to see how everyone differs during this time. Wish you well in the remaining months :)


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