Shine On

  My first draft of this post few days ago was definitely in a completely different tone. I guess just like everything else, pregnancy has its off and on days and I sure know that by now. I must have drafted it on one of my off days because reading it now, I thought to myself, I don't think I feel that way anymore. Just a few days ago I felt like I was so ready for little one to be out of belly because I was feeling all achy breaky, limp-y and sleep Now that I feel much better, I believe I have it in me to power through the last week(s). Like I have an option right? But, I'm glad that phase passed and I am did not end up spending one of the last weeks of my pregnancy complaining and walloming in my discomfort.
From now till whenever little one decides to make her big debut, my mission is to shine on and remain positive no matter what. The things I'm feeling are only natural as my body gets ready for the even bigger task it's about to perform, which in itself is a good thing and what this whole 9 months is about. Even though I really can't wait to meet our precious little one, I'll say no rush! So, keep cooking and growing little one :)

I'm going back a few weeks in picture update from the last post. I have to say this is one of my favorite outfit during this pregnancy. It just felt oh-so-comfortable, easy and fun. Colors, prints and studs done in subtle way, what more can I asked for?!
DSCN2208 DSCN2207

Top: F21, Blazer: H&M, Pants: F21, Bag: F21, Shoes: BCBG, Necklace: The Limited


  1. Really love the look! you look gorgeous! and surely i bet ur in a good place and a great attitude towards baby's arrival...all in due time. Cant wait to hear about the experience :)

    1. Thanks dear. Yap, all in due time, patiently waiting :)

  2. Awwww I can't wait to see little one!!! And pregnancy looks Soo good on you!

  3. I can't stop checking back here for the good news. I shall tell the little one that I read almost all if not all the pre-birth posts when she arrivesLol. God bless and protect you little one.

    1. Haha...not yet o. She's still enjoying the belly.

      Thanks for following along on my journey.


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