New Year's Glitter

Hi Loves! Happy Monday!
New year is usually an opportunity for new beginnings. So for the first Sunday of the year and to kick things off this year on the blog I'm going with glitters (shine and black. Glitters are fun and black is classic. The dress speaks enough volume so I kept the accessories to a minimum and literally let the dress shine. While I love this dress and the glitters, I'm not so happy with the fact that I leave a trail of glitter everywhere I go. Even after a wash it's still shedding a lot. I guess with a couple of wears and wash it will taper off.

I officially return to work today. How time flies! While part of me is actually excited to return to work, the other part is sad and my heart break a little when I think about leaving my baby and been away from her for that long. I'm sure the transition is not going to be easy but we'll adjust with time. Being a working mom is a completely new territory for me and I'm just praying everything goes well.
Have a splendid week everyone.

Dress: Asos, Shoes: V, Watch: Movado


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