Emmanuel :: Nine Months Letter

My sweet baby boy. 

Well, it actually turns out there isn't much to say about month 9. It was easy breezy smooth sailing. 

You grew more, you ate more, you talked more, you walked more, you danced more, you laughed more. 
You just did all the things that makes a mother 's heart full of joy.

You ventured out to a few outings which you enjoyed. You attended the Carousel summer festival  in town with your sister and mommy and you also made it out to celebrate mommy and daddy's anniversary.

At 9 months you also started exploring more food beyond your puree. You tried Amala (cassava flour) and Ewedu (Jutes leaves) and you loved it.

You continue to developed your little personality which is always fun to watch. 
Anything you do that results in a laugh or smile from anyone around you, you continue to do it. 

My bright eyed baby boy, my prayer for you is that you continue to grow in strength, in wisdom and in understanding. I pray that you remain under the shadow of he Almighty and that your love and light will radiate farther than we can imagine.
Love you loads boo-boo. 

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