Emmanuel :: Ten Months Letter

oh sweet baby boy!
10 months just like that. In 2 months you'll be one and before we know it, you'll be running not crawling around the house and making your own request.

In month 10....

You did a lot of eating. You transitioned to even more solids. Your favorites are rice, pasta, bread, waffle, oatmeal, yogurt (you love yogurt),  sweet potatoes, and grapes. In fact you love food all together and would eat anything. If anyone is holding a plate, you sure pay them a visit even after eating your own food. I love that you love to eat.

You've learn to say no by shaking your head repeatedly, and then you turn it into a game. 

You are developing some new characters that are both cute and funny. Like if someone was to tell you no or take something away from you or move you away from somewhere, you get down on the floor with your face and both hands on the floor and fake cry. Not even sure where you picked that up from but it's so cute to watch you do that. 

Boy or boy, you are an early riser. I mean, babies should love to sleep right. No matter what time you go to bed, you're always up before everyone, well except your dad. I guess that's who you took after in that regards. You waking up before me means you get to wake me up by climbing and sitting on my head or eating my face.

Keep growing my boy. I love watching you grow!

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