About Me

Hey..... I'm Christiana. 
I'm a Nigerian-American mom, sister, friend, engineer and owner and CEO of Simply EliFab.  
I love life, I love God, and I love my family.
I started this blog in  2012 as a creative outlet to share all things good, tasty, pretty, resourceful and inspirational and I'm truly happy to call this corner of the internet mine. 

I've had many breaks over the years as life happens and evolve but, I always end up back here. The reason why is becoming clearer by the day and I hope you hang around for the ride. 

Want to know even more about me, feel free to scroll through the tabs, sections and pages. 
There's lots to read.

All thoughts shared on this blog are my mine and from my personal experience unless otherwise stated or referenced.

Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy your time here and we'll chat soon!


  1. Hello Christiana,

    I am pleased to meet you and so glad I found your lovely blog :-)

    I took a peek at your pretty accessories, I am a big fan of the handwork ethic, I sew my own clothes.

    You are very creative, well done.

    1. Hi dear,
      Welcome! pleased to meet you as well and glad you found my blog and you enjoyed it.
      Thanks for checking out my handy work :)
      Looks like we have something in common. Still a beginner in making my own clothes as well, as time permits.

      Love your blog and all the sewing goodness on there.
      Will definitely be stopping by again.

      Thanks love and hope to see more of you.


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