Strawberry Lemonade

I made this drink for the Christmas Party and It was a great hit. I pinned it on Pinterest a while back and adapted it to my taste. Hubby and I like it so much, so I decided to make it again. I don't think I've ever had Strawberry lemonade like this, it's tasty but not sugary, the taste and smell of fresh fruit and lemon definitely can't be missed. It's thicker than the regular lemonade but that's what you get when you use real fruits and process less. 

1 1/2 lb Strawberries, divided
3 lemons
1/2 - 3/4 cup sugar, to taste
6 cups of water

1. Wash and cut in halves 1 1/4 lb strawberries. Wash and quarter 2 lemons
2. Blend in two portion halve strawberries, lemon wedges and sugar with 2 cups of water
3. Place strainer over a large container and strain the strawberry lemon mix
4. Add the addition 4 cups of water through the strainer
5. Mix, taste and add additional sugar to taste
6. Serve and garnish with remaining 1/4 lb strawberry and lemon (I mashed my garnish strawberries just a little bit to get the juice out)

Currently Loving::Contemporary Living Room

Hello Beautiful people! 
This blog has been weighing more towards outfits and fashion and left all other aspects untouched. In an attempt to drive it back to my original intention, I'll try to feature more inspirational posts for decor and travels and the styles I like in general. You  know, throw in my two cents for anyone who cares.

Today's post features two contemporary living room set I'm currently loving. 
In the first picture, I love the play with patterns and pop of color with the accent decor and pillows. At first glance, it looks like there's a lot going on, but the neutral and soft colors with the white background creates a soothing and fun space.
I love the second picture. In fact, I wouldn't mind my living room looking like that. It feels warm and welcoming. Again with the neutral colors, I guess you can't really go wrong with that color palette. Loving the different shades of brown and the simple and clean furniture.

Have a Happy Wednesday!

Pink and Black

Hi loves! Happy Sunday!
Hope you had a great weekend. I certainly did. My weekend consisted of attending the closing service for the 21days fasting challenge at my church, meeting up with a new friend, yap, you read that right, watching movies with hubby and attending a birthday reception for my pastor. I think it was a good weekend overall. There are a couple of other things on my agenda that didn't get done but with the kind of weekend I had, it can wait till whenever.

Even though we are getting closer to spring, I feel like winter is just setting in here. The weather for the last couple of days has been so cold, gloomy and temperamental. On today's post, I'm wearing what has easily become one of my favorite pants. I especially love this two pieces together because of the gold details, the studs and buttons. I love the length of the pant because it actually gives me the illusion of long legs. Going with the gold details on pant and shirt, I paired the outfit with a gold and black detailed necklace and bag. I love this soft look of this outfit but with a little bit of edge at the same time. I'm loving the sunset effect on the last picture.

Shirt: F21, Pant: Zara, Shoes: VS, Bag: F21, Necklace:F21

The Weave Dilemma

Hi all. So I mentioned I had a crazy hair episode to fill you in on, so here it goes.

It's 3am. I quietly got out of bed, went to the stationery drawer, grabbed a pair of scissors, walked into the bathroom, lights on, stood in front of the mirror and went to work.

Oh, what is this about you wonder? Well, that was my very eventful early morning on a Wednesday two weeks ago. I like my hair the way it is, but sometimes I just want to do something different with it or put it away for a little while. In those times, I turn to braids. Weave has never been compatible with me. Kudos to women out there who rock weaves and have it in for months. I can last no longer than two weeks with weave on my head. I know this very much because I’ve tried it so many times and I’m yet to survive past two weeks.

When I went to Indianapolis over Christmas break, my intention was to get braids, but that plan fell apart rapidly so, I resorted to weave once again knowing what was going to happen at the back of my mind. I was so desperate to put my hair away for a little while that I convinced myself that this time would be different. I got the weave on the 28th of December and I actually liked it. A week into it I was getting excited about how I might actually be getting used to wearing extensions. I even started thinking about what styles to do next. I knew if I could survive 2 weeks, I could not survive beyond 4 weeks. So, I thought the hair would last at least a month. I have some extension at home, and I was even thinking about doing some myself.

Well, all those thoughts came to an abrupt end that very early Wednesday morning. I started itching around 12 midnight, thought I’ll rock it out, shouldn't be that bad right, but it only got worse. 1:00am still itching and can't fall asleep because that itching sensation was overwhelming any sleepy feeling I should be feeling. 2:00am, maybe I should take it out. No, I can handle this, just need to survive till morning and I’ll be good. With that in mind and trying to psych myself, I untied my head wrap to let some air in. 3:00am, at that point my scalp was feeling tingly and the itching continues. Finally, I gave in and I thought to myself, I lost this weave battle 3 hours ago and just didn't want to feel defeated again. So I got out of bed and started taking it out which was no fun. The hair was 12 days old, the threads are still pretty tight, my head was throbbing and the fact that I’m yet to sleep at all knowing I’ll have to wake up in three and half hours didn't help. Some were pretty hard to remove and I’m sure I cut my hair in the process. Others I left hanging on there till I could find the braids end and started undoing the braid and just sorting through the hanging weave as I undid the braids. 4:15am, my head was free, I felt a burst of fresh air on my head, but I could tell my pores were open from all the itching. Between the tingly feeling, the pulling and cutting I could use cold water on my head. But that would be a bad idea since I didn’t want to spend any more second on my hair. I just wanted to sleep. 4:30am got back into bed hoping to wake up at 6:30am to start getting ready for work. Well you want to know what time I finally opened my eyes, 7:47am. It’s funny when I woke up I yelled Nooooo... so loud, simultaneously as I opened my eyes and came to my senses. Mostly because I was supposed to be at work at 8am. I had a report due at 9:30 that I’m yet to finish and here I am. You can imagine how the rest of the day went.

Needless to say I’ve accept my fate and learnt my lesson with weaves. If I do have to do it again, I know I’m taking it down after a week, because just like all the others I’ve done, I never take them down when I planned. It’s usually during some weird moment that I realize I can't take it anymore and start uprooting it. This has got to be the worst timing though, leaving me to rock some crazy hair style to work that morning.

So once again, kudos to my sisters who rock weaves for anything longer than two weeks. I'm not even going to ask for advice on how to tolerate weaves longer. Maybe when I fully recover from this episode, I might consider that. But for now it's no no to weaves and extensions.

Casual Layers

Hello lovelies.
Hope you had a great weekend. I had a fantastic one. Spent majority of it in DC with hubby, his friends and my sister. It was definitely a weekend like no other. Filled with amazing people and a lot of fun.
I know it seems like I've been neglecting this blog, but that is far from the truth. Last weeks was a crazy week for me. To say I was busy and stressed would be an understatement, but I got through it. I'm hoping this week will be better. I actually had to decide if I should spend the next few minutes writing this post or work on some stuff for my early meetings tomorrow. This is what my life has come to, even on the weekends, I'm choosing between blogging or working. For the week days, work definitely won all last week as I gave up all my show time /free time for either work or sleep. Seriously hoping to have a much better week ahead.

We attended a birthday party for one of hubby's friend kid in DC. I knew it was going to be more hanging out with the boys than anything else so I went casual. I love layering, sometimes it gives me the opportunity to leave my heavy duty coat behind, grab my scarf and I'm go to go, which I was able to do with this outfit. Usually when I layer my shirts, I reach for a sweater to go on top, but this time, I opted for a basic stripe shirt. Finished the look with a blazer and a bold necklace.
Wish you all and myself a not so hectic and good week.

Shirt: H&M, Top: Zara, Blazer: H&M, Necklace: F21, Jeans: F21, Boots: Gomax via Ideeli

Peach Perfect

The weather has been pretty good this week. Nice enough that I can sneak an ankle pant and open toe shoe in this season. I remember back in college, my friends used to tease me about wearing flats or open toe shoes in the winter. It was like my feet don't get/feel the cold or I was just against the idea or covering up my feet. So, I was one of those wearing flats around after a blizzard. Not anymore though, I think I got over that.

I've been wearing some bright spring-ish  colors to work lately. I'll say I'm more than ready for spring. My mind is ready, my closet is ready and my hair is more than ready. The hair you see in this pictures is no more. That's another story I'll have to fill you in on at a later time. For now, it's looking like I'm over this winter season and ready for the next season.

Pant: H&M, Top: Limited, Blazer: Agaci, Necklace: F21, Bag: Asos, Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Spicy Curry Sausage Noodle

 I remember back in college, noodles is what we eat when we are broke or really lazy. I still eat noodle these days but for different reasons. First, you can never go wrong with a packet of noodles no matter how you make it. Second, it's just that good and finally it is a time saver. It's usually an option when I don't start making dinner until late, I'm looking for something easy or we just feel like eating Noodles. Yes, we have those days. One of the reasons I still love making it till this day is that I never make it the same way twice. I always add something different each time to change the flavor a bit, so it never really gets boring because it always taste different and frankly we don't eat it that often. 

A picture posted by a friend of mine on Instagram actually inspired this version of noodles and I really enjoyed it because this will be the second time I'll be making it like this without tweaking anything from the original recipe. I made this much because I wanted some left over for the following days, so feel free to reduce amount of noodles if you are cooking just for yourself or for two.
13oz Smoked beef sausage, diced
4 packets Ramen Noodles with seasoning
1 tsp Black pepper
2 tsp Crushed red pepper
3/4 tsp Garlic powder
1 tsp Dried thyme
1 tsp curry powder
3 tbsp Olive oil
2 Garlic cloves, minced
1 Medium onion, finely diced
1. In a large pot bring 4 cups of water to boil. Add diced sausage and cook for 5 minutes on medium heat. Remove sausage from boiling water and set aside.
2. Bring water back to boil, add noodles and cook for exactly 3 minutes covered, stirring once or twice. Avoid cooking for too long to avoid noodles getting too soft and mushy. Drain noodles immediately and save about 2 cup of liquid.
3. In another large pan on medium heat, heat up olive oil, add garlic, allow to brown for few seconds. Add onions and sausage and saute for 3 minutes.
4. Add crush red peppers, black peppers, garlic powder, thyme, curry and 2 packet of noodle seasoning. Cook for another 2 minutes.
5. Turn heat to lowest, add noodles to pot content, stir till content is well mixed adding saved broth gradually to aid in breaking the noodle up.  Remove from heat. Add as much or little broth based on preference. I prefer mine not to be swimming in water so I added about 1/4 cup of broth. Serve and enjoy!

Looking back at my Food Photo album, I realize that I made a lot of dishes last year and had the intention to share them but never did. Most times I just change my mind, some of them are actually sitting as draft post in my blog. I think I'll just post a snap of a couple, at least if I don't provide details now, It can offer inspiration and you never know, I might just post the whole thing later.

Do you eat noodles in your house or incorporate it into other dishes? What's your favorite way to prepare or eat noodles?

Native Sunday

Hi Loves!
Happy Sunday! Hope you had a great weekend. I spent the better part of my weekend at a surprise baby shower I helped plan and coordinate. The event was beautiful, mom to-be was really truly surprised and everyone had a great time.

Today is the first Sunday in 2013 and also Thanksgiving Sunday at my church, so for that reason I dug deep in my closet and pulled out some of my native/traditional wear. This fabric is different from the ones previously featured on the blog. This is called the Nigerian Lace or just Lace. Just like the Ankara it can be tailored into different styles. I made mine into a two piece, skirt and top. 
Wish you a great week ahead!

Shoes: DSW, Clutch: F21

Jacquard Panel and Stripes

 Hi Lovelies! 
Hope you enjoyed your new year celebration. I was in church for the cross over service new year's eve and spent the rest of the day just laying around. Enjoying the my last day at home before returning to work. I really enjoyed my week and half off work. It was great having enough time to hang with the family and not rushing anywhere. Time in Indy was very well spent for Christmas. Snowed in for two days meant lots of quality time with family gisting, watching movies, eating, sleeping and did I mention eating?  

Took these pictures back in Indiana. It felt it was constantly snowing the whole time we were there. Actually, I think it really was. That aside, I'm currently loving this skirt. I've worn it a couple of times now, but this is the first time it will be appearing on the blog. I love everything about this skirt, from the length, to the pattern and the the fit. To keep things simple as I always do, I paired it with a basic stripe shirt and infused some boldness with the necklace.
My sister decided to have some fun also, so she the joined picture session. Here's to unveiling another one of my sisters on the blog. Maybe one day you'll get to see all of us in one picture. Won't say how many we are, although I might have already mentioned that in previous posts.
Have a lovely rest of the day.

Top: H&M, Skirts: Asos, Jacket: Ideeli, Necklace: F21, Shoes: VS, Bag: Limited

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!! 
With new year comes new power, goals, ambitions, dreams, possibilities, happiness, life and new beginnings. 
May 2013 bring you love, blessings, peace, laughter and fullness.
Thanks for all your love and support.
Cheers to the New Year!!!