Emmanuel's First Haircut

January 7th - 3 weeks before haircut
On Saturday January 27, 2018 Emmanuel got his first haircut complete with a certificate.
Didn't know they do that, but I am glad they issued him one and I will be keeping it for him.
It is no secret that Emmanuel was famous for his hair. The hair even had its moment during his dedication. I was at the store one day with both kids and a couple came up to us to say hi and mentioned that they recognized us from church. I was surprised, as I did not recognize them.
But, it all made sense when the mentioned Emmanuel’s hair and how they would recognize that hair anywhere. So, now I wonder how people will recognize us. Joking.
January 21st - 6 days before haircut
Initially the talk and agreement between hubby and I was that we will cut his hair when he turns one. Well, that came around and both hubby and I couldn't bring ourselves to cutting all that wonderful curly hair. As time went on, we decided we will leave it till winter is over and cut it then.
I even braided it a few times, but the thing is, Emmanuel doesn't like anyone touching his hair. He hates sitting to get it combed, and with how curly it is, it tangles easily especially in the back. I braided it two times and that was enough for me. It was not worth the fuss. So, in the mean time I stuck to the usual three puffs mostly for daycare. If I let him rock his fro to school, I will be picking food out of it everyday. On weekends when he's home are for rocking the fro. Those three puffs even takes longer than I would like. With his intense cry and fight getting more pronounced, I was at the end of my robe.
January 22nd - 5 days before haircut. His signature  hair for school
During the week, prior to the cut, not sure what happened but I was finally at peace with letting all that hair go and also giving him some relieve as well. I asked hubby if he could take him during the weekend to get a haircut and he was on board as I didn’t get any objection. Just like that, we knew when it was going to happen. Something else that I'll share later might have contributed to my decision of doing it that weekend.
January 27th - time for big chop
So on that faithful Saturday morning, father and son made their way to the barber's shop with a head full of hair and came back home with no hair.
January 27th - first pic after haricut
Another surprising thing that people apparently do as hubby called me to ask was, they wanted to know if we want the hair and my immediate response was, for what!?
So, is this a thing to keep your baby's hair from his first haircut? I understand if it is long enough to donate but other than that, I cannot think of any other reason why I would want the hair.
January 28th - day 1 after haircut
Anyways, it took awhile to get used to seeing him without all that hair. Even he occasionally will try to grab his hair for comfort as he usually does only to realize there's nothing there anymore.
It is definitely a plus not to worry about doing two kids hair if I don't have to.

It was a long time coming, we knew it was going to happen but not sure when.  I am glad it finally happened.

He looks like a new person!

Layered Up :: Tux Dress & Turtleneck

Hi Loves! 

Happy Wednesday. We are slowly getting used to our current state before things take another turn. Right now, it’s just me and the kids and doing the mom life alone with two kids is a complete different story than with one. Will probably write more on that later. 
If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably already know I did something that in hindsight was probably a bad idea. I took both kids to the movies to see Black Panther by myself. Let’s just say those days are long gone. When Emmanuel was younger, it worked fine, but not anymore since he’s active and walking. With all the ups and down and trying to keep him quiet while he stuffs his throat with popcorn (if you saw my story, you know he is not a quiet eater), let’s just say I missed half of the movie. So, with a much needed break anyway because this girl is exhausted right now, I am planning a me time on Friday. This will involve getting my long overdue hair done, a long overdue pedicure, lunch for one and probably go see the movie alone this time. Hoping to get all these done before picking the kids up, so we can all have a wonderful weekend now that mom’s needs are taking care off.

 Kudos to all the single moms out there holding it down with multiple kids and to those who have their spouses away for long period of time. Just this last year while hubby was getting his MBA, he was away for 2 weeks every 3 months. Then it was just me and Eliana and the bump (Emmanuel). I thought those were hard days being pregnant with a toddler and alone. With that, since I knew when he was going to be gone and for how long, I would usually take vacation days Thursday/Friday so I wasn’t working the whole week. With this, it is different. Not knowing the exact duration and knowing I will need my vacation days for upcoming activities, I don’t really have that luxury. So 5 days’ work week and two kids coupled with some extra activities is no easy feat. 
Counting down the days, counting down!

  Sweater: VS (old, try this here, here & here)
Tux Dress: Boohoo (sold out, similar here, here & here)
Coat: F21 (old, similar here & here)
Bag: Marc B (sold out, similar here & try this here)
Boots: Target

Emmanuel :: ONE Year Letter


Oh my baby boy! The long awaited day finally came!

You have been a joy since the day you came into our life and I couldn't have asked for more my boy!

You are kind, patient, loving, goofy, and all around a joy to be around.

Allow me to share a note I actually wrote on your birthday here, again.

ONE! Happy 1st birthday to the sweetest  baby boy! Welcoming you into our lives has been a blessing.  It has been an honor mothering and nurturing you this past year and  I thank God for blessing us with  you. Your infectious smile and bubbly nature compliments your curious,  determined and kind spirit. I pray you grow to be an exceptional young man that will make a great impact in your generation and the world.  And I pray God will grant us the grace to continue to guide you both in action and words to live a life that is purpose driven and kingdom centered. You my son are meant for greatness and you shall fulfill your God given destiny.
God is with you!  
In Months 12... 

We celebrated you birthday at home with family right after thanksgiving. Since everyone was in town, we did a little early birthday celebration.

You started standing with no support.

You have mastered going up the stairs and now working on coming down.

You celebrated your second Christmas and I think you enjoyed it. You pretty much just watch what your sister did and follow suit.

You went to Disney on Ice show with your sister and we had fun.

You love music. When you hear music, you start making moves.

You are becoming more determined and strong willed.

We Love you baby boy! 
We've enjoyed watching you grow and we're excited for the coming years.
 Now let's talk about these pictures. 
You were not having it as you can tell from your face. 
Your  smash cake session ended with the whole cake still intact. You had a taste and that was as far as the smashing went with help. All you wanted was to be held by mommy. Every time I put you down, you crawl away. I am actually surprised we managed to get these shots. Eventually,  I had to bribe you with your snack.

Orange Red Slip Dress

Hi loves!
Happy Valentine's day!

I trust you all have plans to enjoy some time with your love this week. 
Valentine's day is a party of one this year. All is well though since we celebrated this past Friday.

As much as I would have loved for this simple slip dress to be red, it just isn't. A little disappointed with the orange color as opposed to red as described. Anyways, Valentine came early for hubby and I as he is currently out of town.  Some might say we went the typical old and boring route of a dinner date, but the reality for us is, that is a luxury these days. In between lots of life happenings and busy schedules and the most challenging thing of them all, finding a sitter / time away from the kids. The dinner date felt like much more and a much needed time away from the kids. I mean, two adult eating their dinner and having a conversation in peace without interruption from kids or one kid eating half of your food. I'll take it!

Since I already did the dressy date night look, I thought I'll share a more simple look  that will work for either a day or night date. 

This look is perfect for causal day date with a pair of flats or low block sandals and for night with a pair of high heels as since here. Slip off the jacket for an even more causal-romantic look.


Dress: Asos ( sold out, similar here , here  & here)
Jacket: Target (old, try this here & here)
Heels: VS (old, similar here, here & here)
Clutch: Asos ( old, try this here & here

Emmanuel :: Eleven Months Letter

Please ignore the facts that this post and next are beyond late (cover face)and out of timeline but have to get it done. Good thing is that I drafted them real time.


One more month till the big one!

In month 11...

You are not so welcoming of strangers anymore. You cling to mommy and won't even give a smile.

You have become even more attached to mommy. I believe it might be due to you teething.

You now know you can cry and scream till you get attention and what you want, and it works every time.

Watching you sister cry makes you sad and sometimes you even cry with her. seeing this part of you makes my heart melt.

You love food. I know I mentioned that already in you last update but you really love food and that makes my heart happy.

 You took you second car trip. This time, much shorter, to MD to celebrate your cousin's first birthday. Both of you acted like you don't even know each other. Well technically, you don't since this is the first time you're meeting each other. But, it was surprising to watch given you two were the only babies in the room and you almost had no interaction with each other for the first few hours. You finally warmed up to each other at the end of the day.

You celebrated your first thanksgiving and had your first thanksgiving meal.
I believe the rolls your aunty made was your favorite, next to the cauliflower mashed potatoes mommy made. You didn't care much for the turkey.

Looking forward to the big One!

Love you baby boy!

Happy 6th Blogiversary!

Happy Blog Anniversary to this  space!

Hard to believe I’ve been at this for 6 years. Sometimes were off and on, sometimes it was easy to keep up with than others, but, in all, I am glad I stuck to it. A lot has definitely happened in the 6 years. Gosh, let’s play a rewind. 

So when I Started the blog back in 2012, I was newly married, had just relocated to New Jersey, I was seeking a new job, so I had plenty of time on my hands. Simple, easy life, right!? 

 Fast forward to now, I have celebrated 6 years of married, relocated to North Carolina, became a first time home owner, have two beautiful kids and started a business (EliFab) just to name of few of the major life changes since then. 

Through it all, this blog has been there every step of the way as a venue I used to document all those major life events. To be honest with you, sometimes I go through the blog and read my stuff, it’s like a personal journal. Especially with things that relates to the kids, like my Letters to Eliana and Letters to Emmanuel. If not that I captured those here, I wouldn’t have anything this detailed to remind me of those phases of life. Except for pictures and my memory, which may or may not be failing me on some days.

In a way, the blog is therapeutic for me as well. It is one of my outlet and form of relaxation (I know, weird). I love blogging, I love sharing and inspiring people, even if it is just one person. Whether it is a style inspiration, or providing tried and tested tips, or sharing my experiences as  I venture through life changes or even inspire you to try and new recipe (I know, I plan to do better on my Food section), there is a sense of satisfaction / accomplishment that I get from that.

So, to all that have reached out to ask a question or provide feedback, thank you!

To all that have supported by following, liking, commenting, thank you!

To my friends and family for supporting and encouraging me through the years, thank you!

To my hubby and kids, thank you, thank you, and thank you! Because, time spent blogging, shooting or brain storming is time spent away from you. So, thank you!

I know the blogging world today is worlds apart from 6 years ago when I started but I want to be able to share at my own pace and still enjoy doing it. I love and enjoy doing this, so I don’t want it to ever feel like a chore / job. When life gets hectic and crazy, which it does for time to time and I need a breather, I want to be able to step away and not feel forced to keep up the pace. 

I love that I’ve been able to do that and hope to continue. With that said, do I have hopes and aspiration to grow the blog, to make it bigger and better, yes! But, not at the expense of the joy I find in doing it today. 

So, with that, I choose to grow slowly and at the pace that fits my lifestyle. I choose to stay authentic to who I am and to continue to share and provide content that you can relate to. 

I know this post is already extra-long, but allow me to share a few tips I’ve learned over the years.

Don’t ever think you’re too small or irrelevant to make a difference or inspire someone. You never know who is following / watching.

Unless blogging pays your bills, when it feels forced, step away. Even still. The content you create in that times will read “forced”.

While it is all fun, it requires time and commitment to some extent. 

There is more to the rewards of blogging than just the monetary returns.  Don’t get me wrong, money is good, but there’s more. 

Even if just blogging for fun, always aspire to grow, improve and be better.

Stay true to yourself. Opportunities might come that doesn’t fit your blog aesthetic, you don’t have to say yes. Your readers know what you’re about.

Enjoy it! Love what you do.

Have fun doing it! 

Alright, let’s see what this year has in store! (Some major changes on the horizon, will be sharing soon).

Lot of love!

Dress: Asos (similar here & here)
Shoes: Asos
Clutch: Asos (sold out, similar herehere & here)