Emmanuel :: Eleven Months Letter

Please ignore the facts that this post and next are beyond late (cover face)and out of timeline but have to get it done. Good thing is that I drafted them real time.


One more month till the big one!

In month 11...

You are not so welcoming of strangers anymore. You cling to mommy and won't even give a smile.

You have become even more attached to mommy. I believe it might be due to you teething.

You now know you can cry and scream till you get attention and what you want, and it works every time.

Watching you sister cry makes you sad and sometimes you even cry with her. seeing this part of you makes my heart melt.

You love food. I know I mentioned that already in you last update but you really love food and that makes my heart happy.

 You took you second car trip. This time, much shorter, to MD to celebrate your cousin's first birthday. Both of you acted like you don't even know each other. Well technically, you don't since this is the first time you're meeting each other. But, it was surprising to watch given you two were the only babies in the room and you almost had no interaction with each other for the first few hours. You finally warmed up to each other at the end of the day.

You celebrated your first thanksgiving and had your first thanksgiving meal.
I believe the rolls your aunty made was your favorite, next to the cauliflower mashed potatoes mommy made. You didn't care much for the turkey.

Looking forward to the big One!

Love you baby boy!

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