High Neck Green Jumpsuit

Hello loves!
Merry Christmas! I know, that was two days ago, but I finally sighted my computer and I'm holding my phone for longer than five minutes at a time.
Am I the only one that has a hard time keeping up with social during any holidays? Not like it is a bad thing, but when I have a full house with hubby and both kids and maybe some guest, I find myself struggling to balance it all and the first time that goes it usually phone, which means social media. Even calling or texting is challenging. There is usually just so much going on and I pretty much unplug from my phone to some extent. 

Anyway, as you can most certainly tell, this look was meant to go up on Christmas day but here we are two days later. As the saying goes, better late than never.  On that note, I am majorly behind on my Letters to Emmanuel and the boy in almost 13months. I need to do better.
Hope you're enjoying the holiday and break from work if you took some time off like me. If not, enjoy the short work week.

Jumpsuit: Asos (other colors Blush, Black, Check & Floral)
Jacket: F21, old (similar here, love this here)
Shoes: Asos
Clutch: Asos

Silver Pleated Maxi & Pink Sweater

Hi Loves!
Christmas is less than a week away and you can imagine all the hustle and bustle that goes along with that. Things have been quite busy around here but we’re staying afloat. Excited this week will be my last in the office till next year…woohoo. The long break is much needed. What I will do with a whole week off, not exactly sure. But I imagine it will involve some much needed naps, maybe check a thing or two off my to-do list and I might just sit and stay awake long enough to finally catch up on some of the shows I used to watch. On the top of that list is This Is Us.
In other news, this skirt! I have been patiently waiting to wear it. It was a purchase while pregnant. That seems like ages ago now. I tried to wear it right after having the baby and it just didn’t look right. So, I am glad it now finally fits. Who doesn’t love a good maxi skirt? The added pleats makes it even more exaggerated and just so lovely. It flows beautifully and I love the overflow of the length. I thought it would be appropriate for a holiday look so I paired it with a comfy pink sweater. A combo that I can easily repeat and not get bored of. A similar version of the look here.
I hope you guys are having a great week so far and looking forwards to Holidays. 

Sweater : H&M 
Skirt: Shein
Boots: Macys, old (similar here & here)
Earrings: H&M (similar here here & here)
Bag: Asos, old  (simialr here )

Off Shoulder Jumpsuit

Hi Loves!
Happy Friday!
Hope your week has been great. Busy weekend ahead for me, but nonetheless, excited it is the weekend!

Jumpsuit have been a repeat for me lately.  Sharing this off / cold shoulder one today from Asos. It is currently on sale here for just $32 with most sizes still available.  If you’re like me and do most of your shopping on your phone then you probably have the apps for your favorite stores. With purchase through the Asos app you can get an extra 15% now till Monday with code APP2017.

Have a great weekend!

Jumpsuit: Asos
Shoes: VS, old (similar here , here here)
Cltuch: Asos, old  (try this here & here)
Earrings: H&M (try this here, same in Gold here & Burgundy here)
Watch: Movado (on sale) 

2017 Kids Holiday Style

Hi Loves!
It is that time of the year where I share my picks for holiday outfits for the little ones. In the past it has been just for girls. This year’s pick is special because it is for both boys and girls. I remember being pregnant the second time and secretly wishing it was another girl (we didn’t find out till he was born) but I couldn’t be happier and thankful for the outcome of the baby being a boy.

Before having a boy, I thought dressing a boy would be boring and challenging but I have found the opposite to be the case. I actually enjoy shopping for Emmanuel and dressing him, and if I might add, it may be easier than dressing a girl. There are endlessly possibilities with boys in ways you can mix and match their pieces. For girls, a dress is a dress. So, without further ado below are my picks for this year’s kid’s holiday style.

Birthday Weekend Recap :: RED

 I am officially enjoying my last year in my twenties. 
Months before my birthday, I had this idea of a peaceful getaway by myself to relax, sleep and recharge. Even if I stayed local, just away from the house and the usual. But, as my birthday drew closer, the normal family craze me slowly let go of that idea, thinking I’ll just spend it my family. We’ll do dinner or something along that line. I wasn’t even planning anything, was just going to go with the flow and I would have been even ok with not doing anything if it turned out that way.

Well, I’m glad I shared my original plans with my sister because a week to my birthday I had pretty much resorted to do nothing. But, she dived in and saved the day and I am glad she did. 

When I think about it now, this is my last year in my twenties. It should be celebrated and it should start and end with a bang, right? End of one decade and beginning of another.  My justification for not doing anything was, we’ll do it all for my 30th. Well, that’s a year away and 29 is here now!
So, my sweet sister was going to surprise me and just show up, but knowing the kind of person I am, she asked a few questions that quickly debunked the surprise as I already made plans and scheduled an appointment for the kids the morning of my birthday weekend. No worries, because she quickly adjusted and still made things happen. 

This was a birthday to remember and a worthwhile celebration of twenties decade.
We had plans to start the afternoon getting pampered at the spa, but delayed flight interrupted that. So, we settled for movies, which was still a nice way to unwind after running around all morning.  
 Dress: Here || Shoes: Here || Bag: Similar Here
 After movies, we checked into our hotel for the night where a  friend of mine joined us and it became a party of three. We glammed up and headed for a nice kid-less (I had to throw that in there) dinner. A quick change after dinner for comfort and we ended the night at a lounge.
 Dress:Asos Similar Here || Shoes:VS Similar Here || Clutch:Target Similar Here
 Dress: H&M Similar Here || Shoes: Asos Similar Here || Jacket: H&M Similar Here
On Sunday we got some extra beauty sleep, got some delicious brunch and while I was really enjoying all of this, I did miss my babies, so we headed home and spent the rest of the afternoon with the family before she left town.
It was a short but very beautiful and special birthday and I couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks to my  sister for coming through and to my dear friend for staying In town so she could join us.
Here’s to 29!

 Dress:H&M Similar  Here || Boots: Asos Similar Here || Bag:F21 Similar Here

Striped Front Slit Wiggle Dress

Hi loves!

I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving for my U.S based readers. I am thankful for my little family that I get to call mine and family and friends both far and near. And, I am thankful for you my readers as well. Thank you for following along on this journey with me.
While still in the spirit of thanksgiving, I feel like I am in a constant food coma, which means my days have been unproductive.  Too tired from eating and taking a nap after each meal.  Let's just say, I can't wait to get back to normal. 

We hosted thanksgiving this year with two of my sisters joining us and it was perfect.The kids  definitely enjoyed having another baby to run around the house with. 

 I don't believe you can go wrong with a good wiggle dress. They are simple yet different enough depending on which style, material and pattern. I have a good number of this dresses and when it's just a matter of time before the next one finds its way to my closet. They are appropriate for work and play and are usually easy to style. Stripe and black and white are some of my favorite combination. The front slit on this one adds an extra flair to it. While it doesn't have pockets like most of my other wiggle dress does, it still holds it own. 
For this look I styled it with a cream colored covered heeled and a matching clutch. 

If you love wiggle dress as much as I do , check out the option below, currently on sale. 

Have a great weekend!

Dress: Asos, sold out  (similar here, here & here)
Shoes: Ann Klein, old (try this here , here & here)
Clutch: Aldo, old (love this here)
Earrings: Walmart (similar here & here)
Watch: Movado

More dress options

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Jacquard Stripe Jumpsuit

Hi loves!
 I think I am coming to a point where I can appreciate a good jumpsuit. I've always loved jumpsuits, they are so easy to wear and style / transition. I do have to say the reality of wearing one hits you in the face when you have to use the ladies room and you find yourself, well, naked from head to toe. But that's only for a moment so it is all worth it. 

It is hard to miss or pass on this particular Asos jumpsuit. You all know I am a stripe lover so that got my attention and then the color! Did I mention I have a thing for burgundy in the fall? Oh yes I did here. While for some reason I have been cautiously trying to stay away from anything with a bandeau neckline, that wasn't enough to keep me away from this piece. And to make matters worse it was sold out in my regular size 4. I knew I could make a size 6 work, it might actually be better for this style not to have it so fitted and body hugging, so I took the leap of faith and bought it in a size 6 and well, let's just say all is well. 
Playing off the burgundy tone in the jumpsuit, I piled on, literally, more burgundy to profess my love for it. Added my burgundy coat and bag. For a chic pulled together look and to define the waistline, I belted the coat. Since there's a lot happening on the top. I opted for a simple black pump to complete the look. 
Another way to easily style this jumpsuit for fall will be adding a crisp white button down shirt underneath. 
Oh, did I mention it is my birthday today!

Entering into my final year in my twenties. So, got to live it up this year…
Jumpsuit: Asos, sold out (try this here & here)
Coat: The Limited, old  (try this here & here)
Belt: H&M, old (similar here & here)
Earrings: H&M (Black here , gold here)
Shoes: VS (similar here & here, love this here)
Bag: Target  (Black version here)

More Jumpsuit options below

Top Pick Sweaters :: Under 40

Hi Loves!

It official feels like genuine sweater weather here in North Carolina. Having lived in the Midwest and Northeast for some years, fall and winter in North Carolina is actually something I look forward to, instead of dreading it. The winters are not too harsh here; I know I can expect a little cold but nothing in the negative degrees and having everything shut down for a few inches of snow, in my opinion is just one of the perks as well. As I get ready to bring my sweaters out from hiding and considering the possibility of adding one or two new ones, today I am sharing my top picks for consideration. All under $40 and as low as $12.99. One already made it way home, will see which is next.

Happy Thursday! 

Plaid Check & Long Line Coat

Hi Loves!
Welcome to the new week.
Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was good and productive. With the extra hour gained, I wise I could say I spent it sleeping or something more pleasurable but I spent it in the kitchen cooking.
For a change we had a family movie night. We made it through the movie with two babies without having to step out once. Eliana is pretty good at movies as long as she has something to munch on. Emmanuel did pretty good as well. Was a bit fussy as the beginning but only because he wanted to sleep. As soon as he found his comfort position, he was out; which made the movie more enjoyable. We saw the new THOR movie and I have to say, it might be the best of the THOR series.
Talking about movies, I can not wait to see the Black Panther. Anyone else follow the whole Avengers series?

On to the look. Starting the week off on the blog with this plaid look. The weather is finally having fall temperament here in North Carolina and I am ready for it!
 I love set / co-ord pieces so, when I came across this set, I knew it will be very appropriate for fall and as always will be perfect paired together or separately.  It is fairly easy to style matching pieces, all you need is to add some accessories and you're set. For this look, a pair of black heels and a long line coat  was all I needed to complete the look.
Have a great day!

CoatAsos (try this option here here)
Shoes: VS, old (similar here here)