Birthday Weekend Recap :: RED

 I am officially enjoying my last year in my twenties. 
Months before my birthday, I had this idea of a peaceful getaway by myself to relax, sleep and recharge. Even if I stayed local, just away from the house and the usual. But, as my birthday drew closer, the normal family craze me slowly let go of that idea, thinking I’ll just spend it my family. We’ll do dinner or something along that line. I wasn’t even planning anything, was just going to go with the flow and I would have been even ok with not doing anything if it turned out that way.

Well, I’m glad I shared my original plans with my sister because a week to my birthday I had pretty much resorted to do nothing. But, she dived in and saved the day and I am glad she did. 

When I think about it now, this is my last year in my twenties. It should be celebrated and it should start and end with a bang, right? End of one decade and beginning of another.  My justification for not doing anything was, we’ll do it all for my 30th. Well, that’s a year away and 29 is here now!
So, my sweet sister was going to surprise me and just show up, but knowing the kind of person I am, she asked a few questions that quickly debunked the surprise as I already made plans and scheduled an appointment for the kids the morning of my birthday weekend. No worries, because she quickly adjusted and still made things happen. 

This was a birthday to remember and a worthwhile celebration of twenties decade.
We had plans to start the afternoon getting pampered at the spa, but delayed flight interrupted that. So, we settled for movies, which was still a nice way to unwind after running around all morning.  
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 After movies, we checked into our hotel for the night where a  friend of mine joined us and it became a party of three. We glammed up and headed for a nice kid-less (I had to throw that in there) dinner. A quick change after dinner for comfort and we ended the night at a lounge.
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On Sunday we got some extra beauty sleep, got some delicious brunch and while I was really enjoying all of this, I did miss my babies, so we headed home and spent the rest of the afternoon with the family before she left town.
It was a short but very beautiful and special birthday and I couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks to my  sister for coming through and to my dear friend for staying In town so she could join us.
Here’s to 29!

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