Work Style :: January

Happy Friday!
January Work Style recap.
And just like that 2015 is moving along.
Have a great weekend!
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Green Midi Dress

 Hi loves!
Hope your week is going great. The weekend is around the corner so something to look forward to.
A midi dress in my favorite color, some pearl accessories and a red bag and I'm good to go.
Enjoy the rest of your week.
  . . DSCN6761 .

  Dress: Asos (sold out, similar here, here, try this here)
Necklace: Gift (similar here)
Earring: F21 (similar here, here)
Shoes: VS (similar here, here)
Bag: F21 (similar here, here)
Watch: Movado

Something New :: Camel Knit

Hi loves! Hope you had a good weekend.
Mine was chill, didn't have much planned, so didn't do much.  We're expecting a snow storm today and tomorrow and maybe even through Wednesday. So, we're house bound for the next couple of days. I'm not complaining though. :)

As you can notice, I am trying something new and different with my hair. I'm liking it so far and I might just give my hair a break from wearing it out and embrace this new phase.
It was a no-brainer that I wanted to pair these two pieces together for the first time. Both in camel tone colors and both knit. Love the knit top, it's unlike anything I currently own and I can envision various way I can / want to wear it. In the spirit of knit and camel tones, I added my camel jacket and nude pumps. Ideally, I would have gone for a pop of color with the bag, shoes, or even necklace but, I figured this outfit is just perfect in its neutral colors, hence the addition of the taupe colored bag and mirror necklace.
If you're in the snow storm region, stay safe and warm and to everyone else, have a great day!
  . . DSCN7022 . . . . .

Dress -Worn as Top: F21 (old, similar here)
Top: Zara on sale 
Skirt: Zara (similar here, here, try this here)
Necklace: The Limited (similar here)
Bag: Phillip Lim x Target (try these here & here)
Shoes: Calvin Klein (similar here, here & here)

15 Months Old Eliana

Happy Friday!
Its been a while since this little cute face appeared on here. Can you believe she's 15+ months. She is just growing each day and I'm enjoying and love watching her grow into this little lady with her own personality.

First off, someone is potty training and she's getting it down. She knows what to do when I put her on the potty, so she can go on cue. Next step is to get her to tell me when she needs to go, we're working on that.

In other news, I've always thought she was on the short side, height wise, but leave it to her to be in the 70 percentile, guess my height perception is a little skewed or she's just around some really tall babies. With her being at a very active stage, running not walking, climbing stairs and constantly on the move, coupled with the fact that she's a picky eater, I wasn't surprised when they mentioned she's below weight. Although I am surprised at what she weighed in at. I thought for sure she weighed more than she did; we need a re-do. We're still slowly working through her food preference and figuring out what she likes because there's a lot she doesn't like or won't even try. She has to smell, sniff, examine, touch anything that doesn't look familiar before she allows you to put it in her mouth, that's if she even lets you. One look at it, and if the color, shape or smell doesn't look familiar, she turns her face away. She's definitely a sweet tooth, that we know for sure.

Her favorite person to talk to on the phone is daddy. Anytime the phone rings even if daddy is right in front of her, it's daddy. The door bell rings, it's daddy. In short she loves calling daddy for everything. Except when she's crying or needs something, then it's mama.

She has the look! That look you give someone when they piss you off or try to touch or carry you without your permission, that intense stare down, yes, she has it. Don't ask me who she got it from, although I know who.

She knows four of her body parts, eyes, nose, mouth and belly. Has four teeth, two on top and two on the bottom. Says byeee.... with a proper wave. Says I love you, when she feels like it. Give kisses, hugs and hi-five.

 Her hair is long enough for braids now, Yay! so I've been enjoying braiding her hair and thinking up different styles. Thankfully she doesn't cry, she just falls asleep so I have to work around her. That's not to say you still won't see some puff puff style on her when mama is lazy or doesn't have time to braid.

It still feels like a dream sometimes and it's truly a blessing to be blessed with this little girl called Eliana. Quiet, peaceful, Intelligent, feisty and never a dull moment with her.
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Lately in my Kitchen

Banana Bread
So, this year, I'm going to try to do more food post with recipe. I'm feeling inspired, like I've got my cooking groove back. So, stay tuned on the food Lens.
You can find my Banana Bread recipe here. Only difference is I didn't add chocolate chips and I reduced the sugar to 1/2 cup.
One recipe I really really wish I could share with you is the meat pie recipe, but I can't. I like to be specific and call it chicken pie because meat pie is mostly associated with beef filling. I have a link to my old meat pie recipe on the blog but I have since moved on from that to this new one. The recipe is my sister's and while I've made tiny tweaks, the original is part of her catering business, so you see why I can't share. In place of that, you can enjoy my Sausage Roll recipe here.
Till next time.
Puff Puff
Meat Pie (Chicken pie)
Pepper stew
Egusi with Efo soup
Ogbono soup

Black Floral

Happy Wednesday beauts!
Its been a good week so far and I'm looking forward to the weekend which is just right around the corner. No solid plans yet, but that can quickly change.

Crisp white shirt under a dress is always a good look; with the right dress structure of course. This dress last worn here on the blog is a favorite of mine. I've had it since college and I still love it just as much. Styled it differently than I did on the previous post. This time, I didn't want to cover up the dress and the only way to do that with this weather is to layer underneath. Added a simple necklace and my polka dot shoes to complete the look.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
. DSCN6638 . . DSCN6644 .
Shirt: The Limited (old, similar here, here)
Dress: No Brand
Coat: H&M (similar here, here, try this here)
Shoes: VS (similar here, here)
Necklace: F21 (old, try this here)
Watch: Skagen (similar here)

Black Sequins

 Hi Lovelies! Happy Monday!
Hope some of you are still enjoying your long weekend.
No break for me today, so I'm back to work. I was under the weather all of last week and finally got enough energy back to be productive on Friday. So, what did I do with all that energy you ask, I cooked. I made a variety of food and if you're following along on Instagram you would have seen a picture. Although, in small quantities, I made some things I've been either too busy or lazy to make. You're almost guaranteed to find banana bread and meat pie (with chicken filling) in my kitchen. The meat pie is one of Eliana's favorite food right now, so I always have to have that available. The girl is a picky eater; I can count the things she'll eat on one hand which is quite hard when you're trying to make sure she gets all her necessary nutrients. So, in a nutshell, I spent my weekend cooking and resting, in that order.

I believe I mentioned in the last post that I can't get enough of black on black. Here we are again. This time with some sequins injected. Long front slit sequins skirt and pearls just seem like the perfect match. Since I wouldn't wear this skirt on just a regular day, I wore it to church on the first service of the year. That was a special event for me. I'm looking forward to the next opportunity I get to wear it styled differently. 
  . . . . . .

Top: F21 (similar here, here)
Skirt: H&M (sold out, similar here, short version here)
Necklaces: F21 (similar here, here)
Clutch: Prabal Gurung X Target (similar here, try this here)
Shoes: Ralph Lauren (similar here, here)
Belt: Asos

Deer to Wear

 Hi lovelies!
Still under the weather over here. Although, I can now say I'm under my blanket with a cup of tea and work laptop. Going on 4 days now with no voice. This cold and laryngitis is kicking my behind and I'm not loving it at all. Given on a regular day, I'm more of a quite person, but not being able to use my voice when I want to is quite frustrating.  You know that saying, you never know the value of what you have till it's gone? Well, I'm having one of those moments right now.

I can never get tired of black on black. It's effortless, chic and easy. This Deer head sweater definitely stands out. More reason why an understated embellished black skirt was appropriate. Finished it off with a leopard pump and black clutch.
Make today a great day.
  . . . .

 Sweater: The Limited (similar here, here)
Skirt: H&M (similar here, here)
Shoes: VS (old, similar here, here)
Clutch: Aldo (old, similar here, here)
Bracelet: The Limited (similar here)
Necklace: F21 (old, similar here, here)
Watch: LaMer (old, similar here, here)