Fluted Hem Shift Dress

Hello Lovelies!
Hope you enjoyed your weekend. 
Ours was cloudy and rainy coupled with the fact that myself and Eliana are both battling cough and cold; makes sense that we spent the weekend at home with lots of snuggles and tea. 
Here's to a full recovery, bright and fulfilled week.
Have a blessed one.
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Dress: Asos (now on sale, only $19)
 Shoes: Sole Society (on sale)
Bag: Aldo, old
Watch: Skagen
Sun Glasses: Hubby's

Gift Ideas For a Two Year Old

So my little sweet Eliana is turning two in less than a month. I feel like things are moving so fast when it comes to her. 
I thought about what we could get her that will be useful and not just clutter up the house and theses are some of the items that ended up on my list.
I'm sure the clothing and shoes are no surprise. Fall is pretty much here so she's in need of a new fall wardrobe. This Windowpane dress is just darling, I couldn't resist and for the price, there was no need to. Paired with tights and this pair of Black boots and we have  a cute fall outfit.
I've always been meaning to get her a pair of rain boots and this Leopard and pink one is just perfect.
Burgundy is a great color for fall and these Flats will go well with just about anything in her closet.
Since we're now in NC, I'm hopefully not anticipating a subzero degrees winter. So, this Quilted Jacket will get lots of use during the fall and winter season.
What I think she'll really enjoy is this Pink Trike. It's 4-in-1 so we'll definitely be using it for years to come. Well worth the price. 
Eliana loves bags and enjoys carrying them. She currently uses a cross body bag that she carries like a hand bag but I think she'll love this Owl Backpack for her daily essential.I know I love it!
Another great causal fall dress is this Midi dress that I wish they have in my size. Again paired with boots and we have a perfect falls outfit.
Considering the pieces I just added to her closet, I think they'll be a whole lot of dresses and boots this fall.
Last but not least, It is officially time to start potty training. Although, she's been picking it up here and there and we've been using the potty since she was about a year and half, we're not consistent with it and she may or may not think using her potty is funny. :)
This Potty doll will be perfect for a show-and-tell.

Floral Short Co-ord

Hi loves!
Happy Monday. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Since moving to NC with Eliana, we haven't been doing much on weekends. Scratch that we haven't been doing anything. With the exception of Labor day weekend when hubby was in town. So, this weekend after tackling both of our hair and getting majority of the work done on Friday evening, we had some time to spare for the weekend. We decided to both get dressed up and head out. On Saturday, we grabbed lunch together. While I munch on my pizza, Eliana happily munched on her animal crackers. After lunch we headed to the movies to watch Inside out. I think we both enjoyed it. Eliana is becoming a pretty good movie goer. On Sunday, after church, we went to the park where she enjoyed her favorites slide, ran across the field and made a new friend.
That's not to say next weekend we won't be lazy bums and spend the weekend in the house.

So,on to the outfit.  Thanks to my sister, it made it to my closet. As you may or may not know, Asos just had a big sales event. What that means for me is that of course I have the tendency to go a little overboard, so I called my trusted sister for reinforcement; to keep me sane and filter down my endless shopping cart. Amongst other items that made it home, this set was a "got to have" on her list so here it is. And, I must say I agree. I mean I don't currently own any short co-ord/suit and the jacket will definitely get a lot of use as the weather gets cooler.
For this outfit I paired it with a black Cami and and styled for both flats and highs.
  . . . . DSCN9311 .

 Jacket: Asos
Short: Asos
Cami: VS (similar here, here)
Flats: Vince Camuto (similar here, here)
Heels: VS
Watch: Skagen


Hi loves!
Hope you enjoyed your long Labor day weekend.
Hubby was in town of course. Eliana and I couldn't be more excited to have him around for 4 whole days. You could tell Eliana was really excited, there was less acting up and scorning her and she was more giggly, jumpy and all around excited having daddy around. I guess the fact that we spent those days together; no work, no daycare made her even more excited. We spent the weekend catching up, binge watching shows, eating and just enjoying each other company's because that's a treasure these days. We also made it to the movie theater with Eliana to watch War Room. The movie is definitely a must see, very powerful, it's more than a movie. Eliana was well behaved, way better experience than the first time we took her to the movies with us.
Of course reality kicked in when we had to drop hubby off back at the airport and Tuesday rolled in.
Nonetheless, a great weekend.

Till next time. Have a great week!
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Dress: Asos (similar here, here)
Shoes:Bakers (similar here, try this here)
Watch: Movado