Floral Short Co-ord

Hi loves!
Happy Monday. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Since moving to NC with Eliana, we haven't been doing much on weekends. Scratch that we haven't been doing anything. With the exception of Labor day weekend when hubby was in town. So, this weekend after tackling both of our hair and getting majority of the work done on Friday evening, we had some time to spare for the weekend. We decided to both get dressed up and head out. On Saturday, we grabbed lunch together. While I munch on my pizza, Eliana happily munched on her animal crackers. After lunch we headed to the movies to watch Inside out. I think we both enjoyed it. Eliana is becoming a pretty good movie goer. On Sunday, after church, we went to the park where she enjoyed her favorites slide, ran across the field and made a new friend.
That's not to say next weekend we won't be lazy bums and spend the weekend in the house.

So,on to the outfit.  Thanks to my sister, it made it to my closet. As you may or may not know, Asos just had a big sales event. What that means for me is that of course I have the tendency to go a little overboard, so I called my trusted sister for reinforcement; to keep me sane and filter down my endless shopping cart. Amongst other items that made it home, this set was a "got to have" on her list so here it is. And, I must say I agree. I mean I don't currently own any short co-ord/suit and the jacket will definitely get a lot of use as the weather gets cooler.
For this outfit I paired it with a black Cami and and styled for both flats and highs.
  . . . . DSCN9311 .

 Jacket: Asos
Short: Asos
Cami: VS (similar here, here)
Flats: Vince Camuto (similar here, here)
Heels: VS
Watch: Skagen


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