Rocking Suit

Hi Loves! 
I can't believe June is over and we are half way through this year already. Very soon we'll all be saying Happy New Year again! But for now, Happy New Month and welcome to the month of July. Walking into July is exciting because it means we're even closer to meeting this little one. It's interesting how you can be so attached to someone you haven't even met yet. Sometimes I talk to the little one as if he/she can hear and understand me. Hubby actually thought I was talking to him once. This process of carrying and bringing forth a child into this world is definitely one that I'm learning to cherish in more ways than before and truly grateful to God for fulfilling His will in our life.

This suit is and will be a great addition to any closet considering both pieces can be worn separately with ease. What attracted me to it was the texture and print which you can barely see in these pictures. The creme color was just icing on the cake. Pairing it with this shoes was a natural choice to keep with the monochrome look. I added a pop of color with my yellow envelope clutch.
Hope you all had a great weekend. Wish you a great week and month ahead.

Pants: H&M, Jacket: H&M, Clutch: Asos, Shoes: Anne Klein

Goodbye Google Reader

I love Google Reader and I've been using it since day one. But, as they have decided it has run its course, it's time for us to move on. If you currently follow this blog using Google Reader and enjoy the contents enough to continue on this journey with me, please consider following the blog on
You can also download their app on your phone to stay connected with this and your other favorite blogs on-the-go.
Thanks for your continuous support.

Pregnancy Journal: Cravings / Food Experience Part II


Here is the second part of my pregnancy food journal. You can read Part I here

Everything was going well until...... I developed Dysgeusia. No worries, it's nothing major. It’s just this thing where you develop a metallic, weird and bad taste in your mouth during pregnancy. This was terrible because coming from the earlier months where food was oh-so-good, this made food very difficult, unsatisfying and unappealing. It seemed there was nothing I could do to make it go away. No matter what I eat or didn't eat, I was always left with a bad taste in my mouth which actually seemed to get worse after eating. Sometimes I had to force myself to eat just because of the baby. I believe I developed my nausea around the same time as well. With this, I spent hours thinking about what I thought I could eat and would not end up throwing up and will not worsen the bad taste I’ve got going on. Most times, I didn't even know what to eat, I just couldn't make up my mind so I ate whatever was available because at the end of the day, I knew everything was on the list of what I didn't want to eat. Food pretty much became a chore for me. The thought of it, doing it, and the aftermath; even worse. 

You know they say pregnant people are emotional and will sometimes cry for no reason. I'm an emotional person to begin with, well only to things that make sense...not including movies. lol. But I thought that wasn't going to be me, I wasn’t going to cry or have a breakdown for no apparent "good" reason. I have to say I did have an episode, thanks to this bad taste thing. I ended one night with a bowl of pasta after trying to decide for hours what to eat, and as I sat down and took the first bite, tears rolled down my face. So I sat there eating my pasta and crying. Lol. Hubby finally noticed. Disturbed, he started asking what was wrong and all I could say at first was "nothing" because for a second I didn't even know why I was crying. It finally dawned on me, I was frustrated with the whole eating situation, forcing myself to eat, eating what I didn't want and battling with the taste issue. I finally told hubby, I don't like or want what I’m eating but I don’t even know what I want instead. The helpless man just looked at me in amazement; I was definitely helpless at the moment. When I think about that moment now, it just makes me laugh. So, there’s my one emotional breakdown so far and it was over food. Go figure!

Moving on, after at least a month of Dysgeusia, the whole thing finally went away, along with the nausea. I'm back to my regular taste buds and eating habit. Definitely not like it was the first few months, just back to regular taste bud now. No specific cravings, well except for those two outstanding ones; Lamb Biryani and the pesto pizza, if anyone wants to help with that. I hope it stays that way because I can't deal with another emotional food roller coaster.

Food aversion wise, apples, shrimp and fish were on my list for a very short period but I got over that quickly. One minute I’m disgusted by the thought of it and the next I’m making it for dinner. Right now, I’m not a big fan of meat, any kind; chicken, turkey or beef. I eat it occasionally but if I have my way I can do without eating meat completely. Being a vegetarian sounds good right about now.

So there you have it, my crazy fun and not so fun experience with food during this pregnancy so far. No weird pickles and ice cream or junk food cravings for this gal. Although, I did have my moment with Burger King fries and McDonald's chicken sandwich and I was serious about where each one came from. Luckily for me they are both located next to each other so I would drive to BK get the fries then pull out and pull right back in for the McDonald's chicken sandwich. And I do eat pickles and ice cream, just not together or out of  urge to have it. I eat it when they're available.

Ok, I think that covers it. Anything from here is me rambling. If any major changes occur food wise, I'll be sure to post a part 3. Keeping my fingers crossed that doesn't happen. I'm pretty content right now and let's just hope I didn't just jinx myself :)

Have a Lovely weekend!


Hi everyone. 
Welcome to another week. It felt like the weekend started on Thursday for me but came to an abrupt end on Friday morning with the realization that I had to go to work. One of my friends came to visit and spent the night on Thursday. We had the best time with the very short amount of time we had together. It was just like old times. We spent hours eating, laughing, catching up and did I mention laughing... Having her over also meant late night talks and going to bed late. So you can imagine the readjustment I had to make the next day. The real weekend finally came around and it was very relaxing. With all the relaxation, I had enough enough energy to cook for the week on Sunday night.

I bet you all know by know that I love polka dots. Polka dots and stripes are among my weaknesses when it comes to clothing pieces. So, picking up this piece was a no brainer. I Paired the shirt-dress with black tight and black accessories to keep things simple as usual.

Shirt: F21, Leggings: The Limited, Shoes: Anne Michelle, Clutch: Aldo

Pregnancy Journal: Cravings / Food Experience Part I

I'm no way close to this but I find it very funny :)
Happy Friday people!
 Ending the week with another Pregnancy Journal entry on the blog. I thoughts of way I could share my pregnancy experience with you all without it becoming boring and overloaded. So, I've decided to do entries like this. Capturing the major happenings and changes along the way. This ended up being a long post so I split it into two parts.
Wish you all have a great weekend. 

I guess I am very lucky to say I didn't have any morning sickness. Although I was extremely nauseous later on and at times just wished I could just get the whole thing over with rather than having the feeling, it just never happened. Throwing up, that is. I wouldn't say I had or have any cravings per say. Ok, may be a little bit at the very beginning. 

The biggest change I noticed with food in the early months was that it felt like I gained an extra set of taste buds, if that's even possible. I mean food was the best thing on earth. Everything I ate tasted incredibly delicious, even food I’m used to eating on a regular basis. I didn’t crave for a lot of things but half of what I craved for, I couldn't even have because, well, they were in a different state entirely; story of my life. Among my cravings at the time, nothing out of the ordinary, was lots of rice (any form, any kind), Lamb Biryani (from Lafayette, IN) needless to say, that never happened. I was so desperate that I started thinking of people I still know there that could get it for me and have it shipped overnight. Finally searched and settled for a “knock off” version here in NJ. Pesto pizza (from Boston, MA) didn't happen either. Moi-Moi (I finally gave in and made that when the craving would not go away), pepper soup (I made it but didn't quite hit the spot, couldn’t convince myself or hubby it was worth the drive to Buka in Brooklyn). Chinese rice (from Baltimore, MD) oh, this one happened. Hubby went to Baltimore and he knew the only thing he could not come back without, so he bought it in Too bad because whoever made it was not our regular guy and didn't make it spicy enough and finally, anything with tons of pepper. That sums up everything specific I wanted. The rest of the time I was just happy to see anything that was food. I was in a very happy place and I ate like no man’s business. That lasted for a good part of the first trimester.

In the early months, I also noticed I had to eat something every two to three hours otherwise, I'd start shaking, which was strange. Packing lunch was like packing a week’s worth of food. I would regularly pack candy, pop tart, granola bar, apple, orange or banana, a container of sliced fruit (watermelon, kiwi, strawberry, mango) and two solid dishes  (my main lunch and another type of food but a much smaller quantity). Surprisingly, I come home with an empty lunch bag almost every day. Maybe the pop tart or granola bar makes it back home with me but that's about it. That lasted for about a month till I noticed I could go an average of 4 hours between meals. Now I’m back on a more regular person's eating habit. Just have breakfast, lunch, fruit or fruit platter before/after lunch and dinner. Dinner is usually light as I’m not really hungry by that time.

Check back soon for part II

Orange and Grey

Hi Loves!
Hope you had a great weekend. I certainly enjoyed my 3-day weekend. Took Friday off work to relax and run some errands. We also got another peek at our very hyper active little one. Little one gave the nurse trying to take all the measurements a hard time because of the constant movements and changing of positions. But the nurse was very patient and somehow they both worked together very well :) I've been holding off on shopping for the little one because the earlier I start the more unnecessary things I might end up buying but after the visit on Friday, I couldn't hold back anymore. It quite fun shopping for a tiny human being, everything is just so much cuter.

I've never really shopped for clothing at Marshalls before but walking through the store, this dress caught my eye. I love the draping because It lends itself well to a growing bump. I paired the dress with grey accessories to complete the look.
Wish you all a great week ahead.

Dress: Marshalls, Shoes: Anne Klein, Purse: Steve Madden

Green and Coral Affair

Hi Lovelies!
Hope you had a great weekend. One minute I'm excited it's the weekend and the next I find myself at work on Monday. How time flies. This weekend I was home alone so I did a little home improvement for the summer season. Nothing major, just switching up some home essentials from browns, golds and earthy tones to more vibrant colors.

I'm currently enjoying, loving and getting used to the little one's kicks and moves. Sometimes it takes extra attention not to want to jump when little one starts moving. Especially when I'm standing and having a conversation with someone. While I can contain myself and not make any sudden move, a subtle sound usually escape my mouth.  It's amazing how every little kick and move just brings a smile to my face and warns my heart. I started feeling little flutters early on but it's nothing compared to the stronger kicks now. Oh the joy of pregnancy :)
Wish you all a great week ahead and a happy new month.

Dress: H&M, Shoes: BCBG, Purse: Asos, Necklace: F21