Stripe Midi Dress

Hi Loves!

I hope you had a great weekend. Highlight of my weekend was Emmanuel getting his first haircut (that deserves a post of its own, right?). Still getting used to his new face and hairless head. Other than that, it was a pretty chilled weekend for us. On Sunday we had some friends visit. It felt good to entertain again. 

I have been looking forward to styling this dress. You already know I am a stripe lover, so it didn’t take much for me to fall in love with this dress. 

 On another note, it is amazing what an extra 5 to 7 pounds will do to you. When I saw this dress I initially thought I would be able to fit in a size 4, which was my sad to say old size. But when it arrived and I tried it on, and I could barely get the zipper to go up. I think that was the moment reality set in for me that I officially have a new size. Well, unless I take getting in shape seriously, which I haven’t been able to do, ever. I can still miraculously fit most of my old stuff, but the new ones, they are mostly a size 6. Depending on the style of the garment, whether fitted or a loose fit, I can still gamble with a 4 every now and then. But, I think it is time to embrace my new size for now. Even though I already have quite a few pieces in 6, I was in denial, still blaming it on the transition period of my post baby body. I think transition period is over and this is the real deal now. Not complaining, just more of an acceptance of my new size. The only thing I might refuse to accept is my belly area. Something needs to happen there, soon!

   Have a great day!

Dress: Asos
Bag: Asos (love this here)
 Shoes: VS, old (similar here & here, love this here)


Hello Loves!

I had great plans for the weekend and I was a good track of accomplishing what I had set out to do, but as usual, life has a different plan. Everything was going well until my poor little guy fell sick on Saturday. He had the stomach flu and was running a fever. He couldn’t keep anything down and that meant constant throwing up. So hubby and I were pretty much covered in vomit the entire weekend. Watching your little one sick is one of the hardest things to experience. Thankfully, everything took a turn for good when he was able to hold milk down.  He’s still on breastmilk (trying to run out my freezer stash) and by Monday evening, it was like nothing happened the last 48 hours. This little guy was ready to turn the house upside down and rumble around with his sister. Just glad to see him well, smile and be able to eat again. 

The holidays got me in the red mood and I think I’m still stuck in there, just a little. I have always wanted to create an all red look and I finally did. Well, almost, as I opted for a grey pair of heels for this look but I think it works just fine. There is something about a monochrome look that make it easy to put together. Granted it could go wrong but it will take a lot to make that happen.  The key is to strike the right balance between each piece as far as the style of each garment and shades, if any. Pairing piece that compliments each other as opposed to fighting each other is definitely key. I have a feeling this will not be the last monochromatic look from me.

Have a fabulous day!
Sweater: H&M
Pants: The Limited, old (similar here, here & here)
Bag: Amazon (try this here & here)
Shoes: Anne Klein, old (similar here, here & here)

Emmanuel :: Ten Months Letter

oh sweet baby boy!
10 months just like that. In 2 months you'll be one and before we know it, you'll be running not crawling around the house and making your own request.

In month 10....

You did a lot of eating. You transitioned to even more solids. Your favorites are rice, pasta, bread, waffle, oatmeal, yogurt (you love yogurt),  sweet potatoes, and grapes. In fact you love food all together and would eat anything. If anyone is holding a plate, you sure pay them a visit even after eating your own food. I love that you love to eat.

You've learn to say no by shaking your head repeatedly, and then you turn it into a game. 

You are developing some new characters that are both cute and funny. Like if someone was to tell you no or take something away from you or move you away from somewhere, you get down on the floor with your face and both hands on the floor and fake cry. Not even sure where you picked that up from but it's so cute to watch you do that. 

Boy or boy, you are an early riser. I mean, babies should love to sleep right. No matter what time you go to bed, you're always up before everyone, well except your dad. I guess that's who you took after in that regards. You waking up before me means you get to wake me up by climbing and sitting on my head or eating my face.

Keep growing my boy. I love watching you grow!

Satin Key Hole Shift Dress

Hi Loves!

Happy New Year!!!

This is my first post in 2018. While I feel like I should be sharing something compelling, like a list of my new year’s resolution, which I really don’t do, some recap of 2017 highlights or a list of how to do better in 2018, I honestly have nothing. I however have goals for 2018 and after writing all my goals down, I came to the conclusion that my 2018 was all about doing what feels right. Hence, my 2018 motto is “Do What Feels Right”. That translates into every aspect of my life; family, marriage, faith, financially, professional, personally and in acts of service. Feels right in regards to the action, the timing, and the intent. That means being committed and intentional; following through on things that “feels right” and needs to get done. That means doing less of things that seems forced or I’m being pressured into doing. So, here’s to a year of doing what feels right 2018.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of satin but for this dress, I am. This key hold stain dress is simple enough for a causal day out with causal shoes like a pair of flats or even sneakers or causal-dressy as I’ve styled it or go all the way dressy by taking the belt off and add a pair of high heels for a night out. This dress is that versatile thanks to the satin material and the style. I purchased the Tall brand version for extra length, hoping it will be a midi length but as you can see it didn’t quit hit that length. So I am very happy I went with the Tall version, otherwise, it might have ended up being almost a mini dress, which I don’t think I would have liked as much. 
I am 5'4” for reference.

Have a great day!

Dress: Asos
Belt : Asos, old (similar here , here & here)
Boot: Macy, old (similar here & here)
Earrings: H&M (Pink here, Red here)
Bag: Asos (Black here