Emmanuel's First Haircut

January 7th - 3 weeks before haircut
On Saturday January 27, 2018 Emmanuel got his first haircut complete with a certificate.
Didn't know they do that, but I am glad they issued him one and I will be keeping it for him.
It is no secret that Emmanuel was famous for his hair. The hair even had its moment during his dedication. I was at the store one day with both kids and a couple came up to us to say hi and mentioned that they recognized us from church. I was surprised, as I did not recognize them.
But, it all made sense when the mentioned Emmanuel’s hair and how they would recognize that hair anywhere. So, now I wonder how people will recognize us. Joking.
January 21st - 6 days before haircut
Initially the talk and agreement between hubby and I was that we will cut his hair when he turns one. Well, that came around and both hubby and I couldn't bring ourselves to cutting all that wonderful curly hair. As time went on, we decided we will leave it till winter is over and cut it then.
I even braided it a few times, but the thing is, Emmanuel doesn't like anyone touching his hair. He hates sitting to get it combed, and with how curly it is, it tangles easily especially in the back. I braided it two times and that was enough for me. It was not worth the fuss. So, in the mean time I stuck to the usual three puffs mostly for daycare. If I let him rock his fro to school, I will be picking food out of it everyday. On weekends when he's home are for rocking the fro. Those three puffs even takes longer than I would like. With his intense cry and fight getting more pronounced, I was at the end of my robe.
January 22nd - 5 days before haircut. His signature  hair for school
During the week, prior to the cut, not sure what happened but I was finally at peace with letting all that hair go and also giving him some relieve as well. I asked hubby if he could take him during the weekend to get a haircut and he was on board as I didn’t get any objection. Just like that, we knew when it was going to happen. Something else that I'll share later might have contributed to my decision of doing it that weekend.
January 27th - time for big chop
So on that faithful Saturday morning, father and son made their way to the barber's shop with a head full of hair and came back home with no hair.
January 27th - first pic after haricut
Another surprising thing that people apparently do as hubby called me to ask was, they wanted to know if we want the hair and my immediate response was, for what!?
So, is this a thing to keep your baby's hair from his first haircut? I understand if it is long enough to donate but other than that, I cannot think of any other reason why I would want the hair.
January 28th - day 1 after haircut
Anyways, it took awhile to get used to seeing him without all that hair. Even he occasionally will try to grab his hair for comfort as he usually does only to realize there's nothing there anymore.
It is definitely a plus not to worry about doing two kids hair if I don't have to.

It was a long time coming, we knew it was going to happen but not sure when.  I am glad it finally happened.

He looks like a new person!


  1. He is super cute! loved the 3 puffs. He still looks so gorgeous. Erene.


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