Emmanuel :: ONE Year Letter


Oh my baby boy! The long awaited day finally came!

You have been a joy since the day you came into our life and I couldn't have asked for more my boy!

You are kind, patient, loving, goofy, and all around a joy to be around.

Allow me to share a note I actually wrote on your birthday here, again.

ONE! Happy 1st birthday to the sweetest  baby boy! Welcoming you into our lives has been a blessing.  It has been an honor mothering and nurturing you this past year and  I thank God for blessing us with  you. Your infectious smile and bubbly nature compliments your curious,  determined and kind spirit. I pray you grow to be an exceptional young man that will make a great impact in your generation and the world.  And I pray God will grant us the grace to continue to guide you both in action and words to live a life that is purpose driven and kingdom centered. You my son are meant for greatness and you shall fulfill your God given destiny.
God is with you!  
In Months 12... 

We celebrated you birthday at home with family right after thanksgiving. Since everyone was in town, we did a little early birthday celebration.

You started standing with no support.

You have mastered going up the stairs and now working on coming down.

You celebrated your second Christmas and I think you enjoyed it. You pretty much just watch what your sister did and follow suit.

You went to Disney on Ice show with your sister and we had fun.

You love music. When you hear music, you start making moves.

You are becoming more determined and strong willed.

We Love you baby boy! 
We've enjoyed watching you grow and we're excited for the coming years.
 Now let's talk about these pictures. 
You were not having it as you can tell from your face. 
Your  smash cake session ended with the whole cake still intact. You had a taste and that was as far as the smashing went with help. All you wanted was to be held by mommy. Every time I put you down, you crawl away. I am actually surprised we managed to get these shots. Eventually,  I had to bribe you with your snack.


  1. He is adorable. You are truly blessed. May he continue to bring joy and happiness to your home.

    He is such a good boy, he didn't even want to smash his cake :-)

    1. Thanks dear! I know right :)

  2. happy blessed birthday Emmanuel. so cute in his outfits.


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