Outfit Post: Orange + Mint - Summer Colors

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great start to your week. If not, I hope it gets better. I think I found my colors for the summer. Lately I've been attracted to a lot of bright colors; well, summer might actually have something to do with that.
 There are two colors I'm particularly attracted to: Orange and Mint. I bet you can see that orange trend going on on here already. From the skinnies, to the dress and the shoes, and now the skirt. I officially declare orange and mint my summer colors :)
 Some fun and interesting facts about the color orange. Orange stimulates activity, stimulates appetite and encourages socialization (Source). In the United States and Canada, orange regalia is associated with the field of engineering (Source). Hum...hello, Engineer right here! Anyone feeling the orange color this summer as well and what is/are your summer colors?
"Orange is the happiest color." -- Frank Sinatra. Can't you tell.
  Skirt, Top and Bracelet: HM, Bag: BCBG, Shoes: VS


  1. Cute outfit. The mint and orange really do go well with each other.

  2. Cool....Classy.....Very nice!

  3. Looks like fuschia to me, not orange.

    1. Shine your eyes well well and you'll see it Orange.


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