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Hi Lovelies!

Hope you're having a great week and I pray the rest of the week will be the best of this week for you.

Last weekend, I was in food paradise. We went to a BBQ/Pool party and the food was on point. Everyone including myself kept complaining we were full, but as soon as the next food item makes it out, everyone was off their seat and in line for the next best thing. From the fish, to the ginormous chicken, the ribs, roasted corn and specially noted boli (roasted plantain) and groundnut and the Suya; just to name a few. Can't remember the last time I ate boli and groundnut. Hands down, the best BBQ I've been to so far.

Treated myself to a specially made crepe filled with fruits on Saturday and on Sunday chilled out after church with a glass of strawberry and banana smoothie.

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Have a blessed week!

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