Maple Cajun Fish Fillet with Herb Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans

 Hi loves. 
Today I bring you a very easy and quick dinner option. The fish is no doubt the main focus of this dish. I came across the idea of using maple syrup to season fish some time ago, so I searched for recipes that I'm comfortable with to try. I found this one on All recipe and modified it a bit to fit my taste. I love the simplicity and easiness of this recipe and can't wait to modify it even more and try it on Salmon. 

The potato recipe is already a staple in my kitchen, adapted from one of my favorite recipes previously posted here. There is a little variation in how I make it each time, adding new ingredients or leaving one out but the overall idea remains the same. Another way to make potatoes without boiling water or using the oven.

I must say I've been on the hunt for the perfect way to cook green beans and I'm yet to find one that satisfies my need. There's either to much extra stuff added or it comes out too soft or too hard. I finally gave up on trying to find recipes and decided to experiment in my kitchen till I get what I want. So, this green beans recipe my friends, is my perfect go-to way of making it. Sometimes, less is more. I finally have the perfect timely down to get the right texture and crunchiness I've been looking for. 

Combine these three individual staples together and you get one balance and tasty meal.

Maple Cajun Fish Fillet
3 Fish fillets, rinsed and patted dry
1 Tbsp olive oil
2 Tbsp maple syrup
1/2 Tsp garlic powder
1 Tsp Cajun seasoning

1. Heat olive oil in a pan over medium-high heat
2. Combine and stir together in a small bowl maple syrup, cajun seasoning and garlic powder
3. Brush the maple syrup mixture over the fish fillets
4. Cook in hot oil until the fish easily flakes with a fork, about 3 to 5 minutes per side
5. Remove from heat. Sprinkle with some freshly ground pepper and serve

Herb Roasted Potatoes
4 to 5 Medium potatoes
3 Garlic cloves
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tsp dried thyme
1 Tsp Oregano
1 Tsp fresh ground pepper
salt to taste

1. Peel and dice potatoes into small cube. Wash and drain, allow to dry for a few minutes or pat dry
2. In a shallow pan  heat olive oil on low to medium heat
3. Toss potatoes into hot oil, add garlic, thyme, oregano, pepper and salt
4. Cover and cook for 20 minutes or until tender turning occasionally
5. Remove from heat. Garnish with some dried thyme

Green Beans
Green beans
salt to taste

1. Wash and trim both ends of green beans
2. In a large shallow pan, bring a little amount of water, just enough to cover the base of the pan to a boil on medium heat.
3. Add salt and allow to return to boil. Add green beans to pan. Make sure they lay individually and not stacked on each other
4. Cover and cook for exactly 3 mins
5. Remove from heat and drain water. Serve and Enjoy!

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