Picture-less Weekend Update

HI lovelies!
Hope you had a fantastic weekend. I sure did! I was in Louisville, KY for the weekend celebrating with one of my dearest friend. She finally joined the married club and I'm happy to have been right next to her on her special day. The wedding was simply beautiful and elegant and we had tons of fun.  The weekend was full of great memories, high energy and of course the inevitable crash after all was done. Mr. D. couldn't make it to the wedding with me, so my dearest sister took his place. That meant I got to fly into Indianapolis, one of my favorite airport/places and spend the whole weekend with my sister. Even though I left her by herself most of the time because I was on bridesmaid duty, we managed to have some unforgettable moments in the time we actually spent running around an unfamiliar town together. 

Yes, the title does say picture-less because somehow, I have ended up with not even one single picture from the weekend. I trusted my phone enough to be my camera for capturing all the moments for the weekend and quite frankly it does a great job and being that I don't have a means of lugging around a camera with me the day of the wedding, it was a great idea until the unexpected happened. Everything was going well and I was taking some good pictures until we got to the reception and my phone just stopped working. Won't charge, won't turn-on. That was the end of it. So, I'm currently phone-less which sucks. I'm kind of waiting on the release of Galaxy 4S, so I'm not sure what to do in the mean time, will hopefully figure it out before the end of this week. I still carry around the dead phone as if it's going to magically come back to life, but no luck so far. If you do want to see some of the imagines I managed to post before my phone went kaput, visit my Instagram page here

Apart from hanging with my sister, I also got to see my friends, you know... the ones I miss so much. It's great seeing some of them twice in a span of few months. Well, I have the bride to thank for that. I also made a brief stop to see my beautiful nieces and nephew before leaving Indy on Sunday, even if it was just for a few minutes, literally. We said hello and good bye in the garage, I didn't even make it inside because I had to head to the airport. That 3 minutes or so was definitely worth it, it was like I made their day. They all came leaping out of the car and were very excited to see me. That definitely made my day and I was beyond happy that I got to see them.

That's my weekend in a nutshell from NJ to Indianapolis to Louisville to Indianapolis and back in NJ.

How was your weekend?

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