Edgy and Girly

Happy Monday lovelies!
Making plans for the weekend and not following through on them is becoming an habit of mine. I was supposed to go to a function with Mr. D. but he ended up going alone. My church had a two day program that I planned on attending but only made it there the first day. I was supposed to meet up with a friend to hang out but that got postponed. Looks like I'm becoming a couch potato these days. Since I didn't do most of the things I planned, you can imagine how I spent my weekend. Hubby and I managed to make it to the movie though. We saw Iron Man 3. It was alright.

This Zara pant is another purchase from last year that just recently found its way out of my closet. I love the fact that it's a super comfy and causal pant but has some edge and can be easily dressed up or down. I am not a leather person but it's amazing what a little bit of leather can do to an otherwise regular pair of sweatpants. I wanted to keep the tone and vibe of the pant in the rest of the outfit, which is why I went with this light weight grey and black turtleneck which is perfect. Even though it's all sunny outside, it is still quite windy and can get a little chilly for me. To complete the outfit and add a bit of the feminine/girly touch, I paired it with a simple strappy sandal with pink straps and a little bow on the side. I think that added just the right amount of girly touch to the outfit.

Pants: Zara, Top: F21, Blazer: H&M, Shoes: VS, Bag: F21


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