The Liebster Award

So, dearest Julia of Black tag diaries nominated me for the Liebster a long long time ago and I'm only just getting around to creating the post.

I'm going to be a party pooper and skip some of the rules. But I'll get to the main part which is answering Julia's questions.

Rule #1... Post 11 random facts about yourself.
Rule #2... Answer the 11 questions that the nominating blogger asked.
Rule #3... Create 11 new questions for the bloggers you intend to nominate.
Rule #4... Select 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to nominate for the award.
Rule #5... Visit their blog and let them know 11 times... just kidding... just let them know you gave them an award.

Hope you don't get bored reading this.

1.  11 random facts about myself
  1. I can't swim
  2. I don't like scary movies
  3. I love to sleep
  4. I used to be in a choir as a teen
  5. I can be a little sensitive
  6. I used to eat sand as a kid
  7. I wish I paid more attention in my French class in secondary school
  8. I love fruits
  9. I can be a picky eater
  10. I don't like animals/pets. From afar yes, close up, big no no
  11.  I'm an indoor person. The only outdoor activity I get excited about is going to the beach
2.  My answers to Julia's question

1) What's your all-time favorite movie?
I'm not sure I have one. If I start naming, it could easily turn into a long list.

2) Mints or gum?


3) What types of blogs do you gravitate towards? (home decor, crafting, cooking, literature, style & fashion... etc??)
Mostly Cooking, style & fashion and home decor. If I stumble upon a good read in other areas, I'll stop to read and maybe come back for a couple more posts.

4) As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Funny enough, I've always wanted to be an Engineer. I different kind than I am today but it's all in the same boat.

5) How do you drink your tea?
With honey just enough sweetness but not too much.

6) What U.S. city is on your "must visit" list?
If you'd asked me this question some months/years ago, I probably would have said, Chicago, NYC, Miami or Las Vegas but since I've been to Chicago more than once, I live right next to NYC, spent a fews days in Miami and spend more days than anticipated in Las Vegas. Next on my list is New Orleans, LA

7) What do you never leave home without (besides your cell phone)?
My chap stick

8) What's your go-to ice cream flavor?
Vanilla, i'm a classic simple girl when it comes to ice cream flavor. By the time you start mixing pineapple strawberry mango banana....yea, you get the idea...I pretty much lose interest

9) Beach or mountains?
Beach...anytime, anyday. Which is ironic given the fact that I can't swim, but the scenery, waves, smell, sunrise/sunset...let's just say i'll like to own a house by the beach somewhere someday.

10) What was your favorite childhood toy?
I don't really remember playing with that much toys honestly. In between having fours sisters throwing and tossing you around, telling you to jump off a cliff and promising to catch you but never do. I don't know how I kept falling for that. I remember spending a lot of time playing mummy and daddy outside under the trees cooking and eating sand, leaves, fruits and what not. If I did play with toys, I definitely don't remember. I did have one favorite thing though. Not much of a toy, but it was my big and fluffy teddy bear. It was my favourite thing to play/hold on to when alone, but my worst enemy when it becomes a big monster (when my sisters/friends get it wet and chase me around with it).

11) What's the strangest thing in your purse right now?
Take your pick between a small container of Mike and Ike candy or an orange.

There you have it.


  1. i think these are so fun! thanks for sharing :) and ps...i feel you on the chap stick

    1. It's my pleasure. I'm glad you enjoyed reading the post:)

  2. Who were your 11bloggers?


    1. Hi Onyxsta,
      I skipped rule 3-5. Mostly because I couldn't come up with more than 3 blogs with less than 200 followers as specified to nominate.


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