Letter to My 7 Months Old Sweet Eliana

Ok, 7 months! In just 5 more months, we would have come full circle and you'll be turning one. Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves right now but, how did we get here already. I still can't believe how fast you're growing and I can't say that enough. You my girl are turning into a tiny young lady right before my eyes. Not quite a young lady yet.

Your smile and laughter still brightens up the room. You're sitting up all by yourself without any support. Well, you started sitting earlier but needed a cushion in the back just in case you swing and fall sideways or backwards. That's not needed anymore because you swing back and forth so hard now, I guess in an effort to start crawling, but remain steadily seated.

You're now on stage 2 food and to top it off, you had amala with ewedu for the first time! You ate it pretty well the first time and I have pictures to prove it. However, you didn't really care much for it after the first time. Every other time I tried giving it you, you take one bite and seal your mouth shut, refusing to let another bite in. Lol. They says babies need to try new food at least 10 times before accepting that they don't like it, so, we have a few more trials to go.  If no success after that, I'll wait till you're older and try again. You love your milk. Gosh! Once you see that bottle, you open your mouth and start reaching for it, even when it's not that close to you. If it is, you grab on to it and navigate straight to your mouth. You're now holding you bottle. Started with one hand on the bottom and you sway it while you eat. You're now starting to use two hands and holding it steady. Not quite grabbing the bottle with your hands around it yet.
You have ways of signaling that you full or done eating. You either burst out in your babbles with a big smile, let out a deep sign or starting spitting it out and sometimes, you decide to blow bubbles with it and gets it all on mommy's face. You reach for the spoon and plate when been fed and want to put your hands in the food. You now drink from your sippy cup. You wouldn't take it at first and would only take water from your bottle but after a 5 minutes magic moment, you realized what it's for.  Even though you use it as a teether more than a cup, at least it doesn't repulse you like it used to.

You love looking in the mirror, you smile and point and want to touch your reflection. You've discover the headbands mommy puts on your head and all you want to do it pull it down. I knew this day will come, but not so quick. You're going through a phase, at least I hope it's a phase of becoming very attached to mommy and daddy. When I drop you off at daycare, you raise your hands wanting me to carry you as I leave. sometimes you even let out one or two cries before you teacher picks you up. At home you want to stay as close as possible to either myself or your dad. I'm sure if you can crawl, you would just follow us everywhere which is pretty much how it is now except we have to carry you.
You still sleep well. Although you're becoming a light sleepy and your naps are getting shorter. Two to three naps during the day and down for the night between 7:30 and 8pm. Seriously working on you sleeping without your pacifier.

Thanks for choosing me to be your mommy. I'm enjoying watching you grow and cherishing every moment of it.
I pray you will continue to grow in grace and strength and all your days be filled with joy.
Love mama.

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