Letter to My 8 Months Old Sweet Eliana

This is your serious face
Oh Eliana my girl. You are growing by leaps and bounds. I guess I should start out with the most exciting news, you are saying mama. I still haven't gotten over the fact that you look so much like your dad, but it brings my heart joy that you said mama before dada. No competition intended. lol. I'm not sure you know exactly what it means yet, but you're saying it and that's all that matters to me.

You're a very independent girl which I love. You have no problem sitting and playing by yourself or watching TV alone for a period of time which I have to give you kudos for because that makes getting ready in the morning, cooking, cleaning and pretty much everything easier. I don't have to worry about you crying for being left alone. But, you do let us know when you get bored and need some attention.
You prefer to be put down to sleep than being held. It takes you longer to fall asleep in someone's arm. You turn and toss trying to find that comfort position for a while. But when you're laid down, you find your spot and go right to sleep or mumble a little bit before falling asleep.

You're starting to give real hugs, pretty tight ones too and I LOVE IT. Your hugs usually come with a big giggle or smile which makes it even more precious.

You love to stand. You don't like sitting at all. Most times when we're putting you down, we pretty much have to force you to sit. Does that mean you'll be walking early?....I guess we'll find out.

You dad can't wait for you to start crawling. Even though I don't think crawling can be taught, he's teaching you how to anyways. Lol.
Thank you for 8+ months of love and happiness


  1. So precious! Her ability to play alone is a huge blessing also her ability to want to sleep without being in arms is too, did you train her that way or did she naturally fall into that pattern? Either way that's great.

    1. Super thankful for her. She has got to be the easiest and most peaceful baby. That's just her natural pattern, no training.


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