Letter To My 10 Months Old Sweet Eliana

Seems like the days are quickly passing by now as I watch you grow. Your first birthday is fast approaching. Can't believe it's just two months away. This past 10 months has been a complete joy filled one with you in it. Each day, you remind me of how precious life is, how fast life goes by and how you have to make every moment count. You are indeed a gift from God; a fearfully and wonderfully made little girl that I'm thankful, grateful and blessed to call mine.
So what have you been up to at 10 months...
You're now a pro crawler. Although it's a one legged crawl, it's your way and you do it perfectly.
You're can now pull yourself up and that seems to be all you want to do. You have no business sitting. I think I've mentioned that before. When we hold your hands to walk, you just get ecstatic and jumpy and just happy to hop-walk. That's what I call it because your walk isn't straight. You're too excited to walk straight so you hop-walk.
You love doing the split. I thought you only do it at home, but I've been informed you do it a daycare also.
You know how to give hi-5's, clap and wave bye-bye. Although you don't have the waving part down yet, you raise you hand and attempt to wave.
You understand some Yoruba, gba - take, ma bo - come.
You like throwing things on the floor, just to have someone pick it up and then it goes right back on the floor. I think it's a game to you.

You have a funny cocky unique laugh that I love.

It doesn't take much to make you happy and all giggly.

You're transitioning to finger food. So far, your favorites are pancakes, bread, cheerios and your fruit puff. You had beans for the first time and you loved it, so beans is now going on your regular menu.

You call out mama when crying.

You went on your first trip out of town and you did good.
At 10 months, people are already using phrases like smart and mature to describe you. That just goes to shows what a great girl you are.
My prayer for you is that the smile and joy that you bring to everyone that comes in contact with you will not cease to exist.
You will bring joy to people beyond your family and friends and your joy will be continually be full.
Love Mommy.

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