Letter To My 12 Months Old Sweet Eliana

My dear Eliana you are one year and a week old!!!
It's hard to believe the day you turn one finally arrived and passed. 
The past year has been the most excitingly crazy year of my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Even though a year doesn't seem like a long time in the grand scheme of things, for a first-time mom like me, well, it is. During this past year, the only constant thing I was sure to expect was change. From feeding patterns, to physical features, to characters and even care givers; from mommy, to grandma, to daycare and another daycare. You my dear have handle all these changes very well without an ounce of complaint. I remember the day you were born just like yesterday (read birth story here) and now I have this little toddler running around the house. 
At 1 year,  
You're sleeping through the night.
You're standing and taking a couple of steps.
You attempt to wear your socks and shoes by yourself.
You're saying Daddy, No and Stay. I'm sure you're saying some other things that I just haven't picked up on yet.
You take less and shorter naps.
You have a second tooth emerging.
You like to make loud noises.
You love yogurt.
You're drinking whole milk. I don't even think you noticed the difference when we switched from breast milk.
You love cheerios.
You're very attached to mommy.
You love rolling around in mommy and daddy's bed.
You loveeeee books and reading
You are a shinning start!
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  1. It took me forever but these pictures are mad lovely! Elliana is super gorgeous! such a beautiful lady. I pray for good health and success in all she does… Happy belated birthday baby girl!

    1. I'm sure Eliana will madly appreciate your kind words :)
      Amen! thanks hun!


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