Blast From The Past :: Hunter Green & Stripes

Hi Loves! Hope your week is going well.
Today's Blast from the Post features two pieces that I've probably worn one too many times but surprisingly don't think have ever appeared on the blog. I guess this post draft dated January last year was when they should have made their debut but that never happened. Well, now it is.
I love this skirt. It was one of my go-to during my pregnancy for work. In fact it is one of my go-to any day; pre-pregnancy, during and post. The skirt just has amazing fit and stretch and the style will never disappoint with bold black side panels and stripped middle. You know I love black &white and stripes, so this is definitely a winner.
Last edited 1/7/13
Looking forward to the weekend. We have a wedding to attend and this time, it's for friends, people I know. So I guess I wouldn't feel so out of place. And it's going to be without Eliana. Yes, I love my baby and she has been to every event/outing with us. But, this time, I'm ready to have some fun without her hanging from my hips :) 

Top: F21
Skirt: Asos
Shoes: VS
Bag: Aldo
Bracelets: F21 / Express
Ring: F21

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