Holiday Dresses for Baby Girl

I have a handful of trusted places I shop for Eliana and they include Zara, Gap, H&M, Target, Gymboree and Zulily in no particular order. I'm sure you won't be surprised if I tell you her closet is full of dresses. Now that the holiday season is around the corner, it's hard to resist adding even more. Target is known to have some really nice and affordable dresses and their holiday selection doesn't disappoint. Eliana already has some of these dresses in her closet and I might just add more because a girl can never have too many dresses. These are just a few of my favorites and most of them are currently on sale.
Happy shopping for your little girls.
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  1. I'm loving these dresses...a few are already on my wishlist! Thanks!

    1. Yap, me too. A few already made it to her closet :)

  2. Really cute! Love the white Ralph Lauren and the blue Gap dresses.


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