Hi Loves,
I think it's time to remove the cobwebs around here. Let's dust off and pick up right where we left off.
Sorry for my little hiatus. Hope you didn't miss me too much :) So a lot has changed  since my last post. In a nut shell, we moved. Yea, major big move and changes. New job, new state, new everything.
We're now residents  of North Carolina. Said a bitter sweet goodbye to New Jersey. Jersey was really good to us and will always be a part of us.

You can imagine all that comes with a move like this, so that explains  my absence.  I'm back now but post might still be sporadic as I adjust to our new living and schedule.
NC has been good to us so far and we feel welcomed. Here's to a new start.
Talk to you soon.


  1. Wow sounds like you are happy about the move. I've missed you. Congrats.

    1. Yes love. We're excited about the new opportunities.
      Nice to hear I've been missed :)
      Thanks love!

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  3. Missed you so much. I am so glad you are adjusting. Congratulations on the new job. Well done and keep it going. Plenty hugs and looking forward to catching up.

    1. Aawww....definitely nice to know i was missed.
      Thanks for always checking in mama, plenty hugs.
      Yap, we're settling in nicely.
      Till our next chat. Xoxo


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