lack & White

It has become a tradition for us to take a family portrait every year. It started when Eliana was 3 months old and has continued into a yearly thing. Since we usually take these pictured at a studio, we're limited on a lot of things including time. Last year we decided to break out of the studio shoot and do an outdoor shoot with a local photographer. That allowed us variety of shots and time. 

The shoot started off slow, as little Miss Eliana was not feeling it. She pretty much frowned (purposely) for the first half hour. Yes, she’s funky like that. She slowly warmed up to the photographers as they got down to her level, rolling in dried leaves and running around. These pictures were about half way through the shoot and it is a drastic different from the beginning. Once she let loose, we couldn’t tame her. Luckily we were at a local park so she was able to run around freely even after the shoot till she was exhausted. 

Moving on, I know I missed Eliana’s 2 years old “Letters to Eliana”. Well, I have it in draft just never finalized and posted it so I will be posting it to close the loop. Reading some of those letters and looking at her as a tiny baby that is growing into this little girl is beyond amazing. She’s still in her two’s so I guess it is not too late. This will be a yearly letter from here on. Looking forward to writing to my 3 years old.



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