Letter To My 2 Years Old Sweet Eliana

Better late than never right....finally getting to post this. With Eliana almost two and half now, I'm just glad I wrote/drafted this when she actually turned 2.
My dear baby girl, you have a reached another big milestone in your life. You're officially 2 years old. I am relieved to stop telling people you're 22 months or 23 months when they ask how old you are; and then add "almost 2" as if they don't know how to do the math. Well, now I can just say you're 2!

So what have you been up to leading up to your Amazing Two. 

You took you first trip out of the country, where you took the liberty to throw up all over mommy on the plane. The last time that happened, you had a stomach bug. I'm glad that isn't the case this time but boy, did you give me a grand welcome to Bahamas.

You can take off your shoes and put them in the right place, which you do every day after school.

You're learning to say your name. For now, it's either Ana or nanaAna:) you'll get there.

You are becoming more independent every day. Not wanting me to do things for you even when I try to or offer to. You won't let me carry you up and down the stairs, you have to do it by yourself with the help of the railings and you're pretty good at it. Although, your little feet are tired by the time you make it up or down.
You won't let me feed you which I'm perfectly okay with. With the exception of times when I have you dressed ready to go out and I don't want you to spill anything on yourself; in that case, we fight for a minute and then compromise, which means me guiding your hands.

You love bubbles and love saying Apple, although you won't eat it.

You really enjoy going down the slides at the park or anywhere that has one. That's your favorite. Getting you to stop to go home is always a challenge.

The swing on the other hand, you hate. To get you in is a struggle and once you're in, well, the whole park knows we're there.

You've made some new friends and I'm sorry to make you leave them and start all over again. But, hopefully, this is it for a while. No more school changes.

You love your new school. You're always excited to see me in the afternoon but not in a hurry to go home. You always want to play just a few more minutes and do some clean up (putting the toys away), because that's just who you are and sometimes I just have to drag you out of there.
You love to sing; in the car, on the plane and when taking a walk. Your favorite right now if "rain rain, go away..." We had a rainy week some weeks ago and now every time you see an umbrella or anything that reminds you of the rain, we sing.
You love to sing with mommy, if you start singing and I don't join, you stop and call mommy mommy mommy...till I join in.

You love books and love to read. You bring mommy a book, sit on my lap and ask me to read to you over and over again.

You can be very dramatic! 

We love you honey!
 Looking forward to a year full of wonders!


  1. Awwww, this was a very sweet recap of Eliana at two. Love the pictures....so cute. Thanks for sharing!!


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